Schedule Help: Odd Day w/Hour Restriction

So I am a brand new Rachio users (new to irrigation systems in general).

My community has the following restrictions:

  • Odd Days only watering for my house
  • No watering between Noon - 6PM. (if they catch you they fine you, no warning)

I have gone through the zone setup/etc. but am confused on what is the best method to setup the schedule I need (while maximizing water savings).


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I have flex daily, schedule=“odd days” and Times=“End before sunrise”. It seems to be working well.

Be careful with this one. I tried the same thing and it was starting the prior day. Your safest bet will be to pick a start time that is between midnight and (noon - max run time). See Flexible daily with end by waters on wrong day.

Thats a good point. I don’t have watering restrictions, just have that setup and it seems to work. It seems like there is a chance that might start before midnight, in that case, choosing a start time would work!