Flexible daily with end by waters on wrong day

I wanted to use the new end by feature, and I have an odd/even watering restrictions with end by 6 am. My assumption is that it would take the running time and subtract it from 6 am. So if the running time was 1 hour, the sprinkler would turn on at 5 am. But what I am seeing is totally the opposite, it’s using the total running time + soak to set the starting time:

5/5 9:58 PM - 5/6 12:19 AM
5/7 9:58 PM - 5/8 3:54 AM

5/21 9:58 PM - 5/8 6:00 AM

What’s worse is if I switch to end by sunrise the times are:

5/5 9:55 PM - 5/6 12:16:AM
5/7 9:52 PM - 5/8 3:48 AM

5/21 9:37 PM - 5:39 AM

Is this expected behavior? If so I guess I’ll be changing to a start at time like I did prior to V3.

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@robnielsen This is expected behavior. Please take a look at this thread Finished before sunrise scheduling issue?. It has a bit more explanation.

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Well, then it makes it a useless feature :frowning: Especially for those of us who have watering restrictions.