Reset water usage

Trying to reset water usage I believe Support can do this for me? After set up it is showing 412 gallons of use which is watching off. The austen had been on rain delay since setup so trying to reset to 0 please.

@Rrokoff I cleared it for you :+1:

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Can I get mine reset as well or is there some way to reset it myself?

It’s under my personal account (bazaarsoft).

Hey @indigo_jay!

You should be set to go, usage has been reset :blush:

McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks, though it looks like the 27th didn’t get cleared. If you could try once more I’d be super grateful! I just finished the plugin for Indigo and while I was testing it wasn’t actually connected. I’m going to install it this weekend though so I want to get a fresh start.

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Got it reset for you again :slight_smile: Let me know how it works!

PS- your controller is currently offline, don’t know if you are aware… let me know if there are any issues

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Can you please reset my water usage for me as I believe support is the only way to have it done

@slay79dog All reset!

Please reset my water usage. I had my water turned off and Rachio turned on. It thinks I used a lot of water…

@richharmer7 Done :+1:

Can mine be reset? Says I’ve used 12,000 gallons this month. :confused:

@jhoyman Reset :slight_smile: Make sure to tune in your settings so it starts reporting correctly!

Can you reset mine for me as well?

@robbw Reset!

Thank you @mckynzee!

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@mckynzee was wonderingly if mine could be reset as well. Had a little hiccup with install that messed up first day usage stats.

Hello can I have me usage reset? I just installed a few days ago and it has never run but says I used 60 gallons.

@DeAugie @Rindini You have both been reset!

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OK, did my install this week.
Water usage was off by 87% after a 10 min per station cycle.
Calibrated via &
Ran a 5 min per station cycle and usage is now within 2%.
Can I get a reset please to start this new system right?
Will this option be available in V3?

@Bill.Maupin Reset! I think we have some limitations on exposing this to maintain our WaterSense cert (not positive here) but for that reason I’m not sure if we can expose it in future software updates.