Report of issue with Master valve


I keep getting this email to me:

Rachio detected a fault in zone master valve while running a schedule on your Chaac controller.

As a result, master valve will continue to run as scheduled, but no water will flow to the zone.

…I have a PSR on a 220 pump.currently no zones are hooked up, only the PSR to run a hose bib. I don’t run any schedules only manual quick run to get Rachio to start the 220 relay.


Hi @dirkg,

I do see the events in your history feed. Could you try disabling the Zone in-app before your next manual run?

In the meantime, you can disable the emails by going into your Account Settings >Notifications and disabling the Master Valve Fault toggle.


Be happy to troubleshoot it with you, just not sure what you mean. So we are on the same page, I am currently installing the sprinkler system myself so It is taking some time. I have the Master Valve from the Rachio tied to my Pump Start Relay which is wired 220 to the pump. I have NO ZONES wired to the solenoids (yet). So…I have a hose bib with a traditional sprinkler plumbed off the pump. I “QUICK RUN” Zone 1 from the app to force the pump to start even though zone 1 is not wired.
Although this is temporary and probably not as tested scenario, I cant see why it would cause an error. Why exactly is the ZONE FAULT error being triggered. Is it that there is no resistance on Zone 1, or is there some voltage drop being monitored during the surge form the PSR?


OK…Have one zone completed and working. Master Valve connected to my 220v PSR and zone 1 connected to a Hunter PGV-101GS valve and three PGP rotors. Still getting a master valve error. Any suggestions?


Hey @dirkg, I’m inquiring with our Hardware team for further insight!

Appreciate your patience while we look into this.


@dirkg, would you mind letting us know your PSR manufacturer and model?


SmartBox MPSR 27


MPSR 24…sorry.