Report of issue with Master valve


@dirkg - out of curiosity, how close is the PSR to the Rachio controller?


About 20feet of direct burial 18ga connects them.


@dirkg - that answers the question. When I saw the mention of induction current I was wondering if they were side by side. 20’ should be far enough.


So I mainly just use manual runs at this point and the Master Valve issue is worse that ever. The PSR kicks in then immediately shuts off. Sometimes if I try the manual run several times in a row it will eventually work. Sometimes I need to reboot the controller. Sometimes I just give up and try again tomorrow.
Can someone please look into the logs of my controller over the last few days and see what is up. If it is a sensitivity issue to induction voltage, please address in software.



I’m no help here, but I know who is!


Hey @dirkg! (Thanks for the heads up @tmcgahey :slight_smile: )

I had my team take a look at the logs and it looks like the issue is coming from zone 8 specifically - would you be up for looking into that zone to see if there’s anything weird happening on your end?

I’m also having the team look into the firmware side of things to see if there’s anything there that could be affecting this.

Let’s keep each other posted!

:cheers: Lo


Thanks for looking into this. FYI I have seen it happen on zone 1 in the past…but any way…Zone 1 is a Hunter PVG101 with three pop up rotors. The Master Valve is tied to my PSR to energize the well pump. I do not have a pressure tank. Are you guys looking for load or resistance on the Zone 8 terminal during operation? That could be an issue as this is not connected to a valve. It only turns the pump on for when I have the hose bib open. Still trying to figure out if the anomaly you are alerting on is from the Master Valve or the zone terminals. Induction voltage from the PSR or no load on Zone 8?

RACHIO>Master Valve Wire>PSR>220Volt RELAY>WELL PUMP>Hose BIB(normally closed)>Manifold
RACHIO>Zone 1 Wire>PVG>3 Rotor Heads
RACHIO>Zone 8 Used When Hose Bib is open (nothing connected to zone 8 terminals) I run zone 8 to force the PSR on only.


Hi @dirkg,

Zone faults are triggered when we receive more than 1.5 Amps through the power supply.

It looks like you may already have a relay setup for the things after the master valve. It may be the master valve itself, but if you think the master valve isn’t triggering the zone faults the next steps would be, like you mentioned, to try to isolate the individual components and see if any one of them draw more than 1.5 Amps at any time they are triggered, especially during start-up of the zone.

David :rachio:


So Im digging around the forum and I see that this issue is already documented in the thread: Rachio 3 Pump Start Function by CROCKBOY. I am using the same PSR. Your answer to hime was to get a new PSR…is that what’s going on?


The regular Munro PSR required more power to switch on my irrigation pump than the Rachio 3 supplies. Munro makes a PSR with a special circuit that reduces the power needed. The new PSR works perfectly


If you are using the same PSR originally, I would recommend purchasing the same/similar one referenced in the other article since that seems to be the root cause.
David :rachio: