Replacement of Rainbird RC-1260

I am replacing my Rainbird RC-1260 with the gen-1. Got it all installed and wifi hooked up but the sprinklers will not turn on. The plug has 15 pins. 12 are for the zones then there are for zones-brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, white, blk/white, Brn/White, and Pink/white or might be red/white. The last three were not used as I only have 9 zones. Along the bottom row are red/white, and brown/white. These were hooked to the transformer leads and are marked Line Input. The other bottom plug pin is pink/white what was not hooked to anything. I have corresponding wires in the cable sheath along with a black wire which I assumed was common. I put the black wire in the common and zones do not operate. I put the black wire in the master location and zones to not operate. Can someone tell where I am going wrong?

Take a look at this post. Although it is for a RC-1230 it should help you.
Rainbird RC-1230

I did look at that posting but does not help me identifying (apparently) the right wire for common or master valve. I do not think I have a master valve but really do not know. thanks

Take a photo of your current controller and wiring so we can see it. Also, go to your valve box and find the wire that all of your valves are connected to. The color of that wire is the common wire since all of the valves connect to it at the same point.

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I only have the description of the electrical plug-in block that I described in the original posting. Very different from a more modern system.

I would think the white wire is the common. On the Rainbird web site it also indicates that the green/white to be common.

Problem has been fixed and system is up and running. White is common even though the Rainbird listed it as a zone. Anyway thanks to the community for your input.


Moving from a Rain Bird RC electromechanical controller is like switching from a black and white TV to HDTV! You will love your Rachio.

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