Removing old unit

Hi All,

I recently purchased a house and thought a Rachio would be an improvement over the legacy system (Intermatic) I watched all the install videos and read all the manuals but I couldn’t find one to address removing of my (very old) system. I am stuck! Is this too much for me to do on my own?

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

ps here is a picutre

Hey @mcspinnin!
I have a feeling you have a similar setup to this user: Can I install a Rachio on my current system?. Emil provided some very helpful links on that post on how to get a Rachio installed with that particular setup! Let me know if that looks similar to your setup and is helpful.
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@mcspinnin – are you still having any trouble getting your controller installed? If so, feel free to post a few photos and I’d be happy to take a look!


Just take a picture of your current wiring setup. Unscrew all if the wires, disconnect the power and take the controllet. Follow the mounting instructions and insert the wires into the new ports on Rachio. Today, about the only use for intermatic is with pools and landscape lighting.

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