Can I install a Rachio on my current system?

I ordered a Rachio Gen 2, and when it arrived I googled instructions on how to install, and quickly realized I may have a bigger challenge on my hands than anticipated.

I seem to have a very “simple” sprinkler system setup. One challenge I see is that it’s direct-powered. I can overcome this because there’s a socket nearby, but will the Rachio turn my pump on?

Here are pics of my current setup:

How would I go about installing Rachio in this case? I get the feeling this will require an expensive, professional, installation.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

@heybusti, thanks for reaching out and for your interest in Rachio! You’ll probably need to install a pump relay (which the Rachio controller will trigger on/off) to power your pump.

For more details on pump relays, please see this support article. Additionally, here’s a video on how to install a pump start relay.

Do you know if you have any valves? From the photos provided, it appears your Intermatic is wired directly to the pump. Assuming so, I believe the Hunter PSR-22 will handle your needs and is available for $60ish on Amazon.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions.


I need help with something like this

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See the response here in this post -> Intermatic Mechanical Timer Replace :)

Hey @rmadrid20-

One other thing to keep in mind is when you are all installed and ready to go, schedule all of your zones separately. This will allow the indexing valve to switch over each time!

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