Real drip irrigation from scratch

So I’m looking to purchase a controller, we don’t have a need for a sprinkler system for grass or trees, we have a fairly large garden.

I’m not running anything underground. I want a set of solenoids attached directly to a hose bib that let me control drip irrigation to a few zones (our current garden layout has 6 zones. Then I want a controller (preferably one that detects rain and won’t water on raining days) to run them on a schedule.

I can’t find anything with actual diagrams or suggestions on accessories that the Rachio can control. I’ve seen the suggestions of a spreadsheet but I haven’t been able to find it. Can I just buy any manifold/solenoid? I have no need for any kind of pump. Can anyone provide moisture sensor recommendations?

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Rachio is an AC powered controller for 24 volt valves underground. You might look at this product.

There are many posts here suggesting Rachio can be used for drip irrigation, your comment suggest that isn’t true.

Are you saying you can’t use a rachio for drip irrigation?

@jinoue - In this post @franz mentions that he is using garden hoses -> Fricking Flex Love!, so what you want to do is possible. And see this post from @IoTEric on how he did the same thing -> Setting up Rachio to Control Sprinklers W/O an Irrigation System

Regarding drip systems - YES, Rachio is designed to handle them. The referenced spreadsheet is to get the precipitation rate correct.

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ah, that second one is perfect and didn’t come up on my drip irrigation search. thanks!

No, i am not saying Rachio cannot be used for drip irrigation. I mean that Rachio is for an underground automatic system with PVC or poly pipe, wire, valves, and either drip, rotors or sprays. It is not intended to be attached to a hose faucet. This is hose timer territory. Low end homeowner stuff. DIY.

Given the functional links I was given by another user doing exactly what I want to do I’ll have to disagree. You’re welcome to your opinion, but in this case you’re not correct.

Its not an opinion. All you need is a basic $25 hose timer. Rachio does not have a setting for drip, either. Save your money and forget the jerry-built project.

Rachio does have settings for emitter heads like drip. The trick is getting solenoids with hose thread on them or converting a bib over to an NPT manifold so you can use them. It could be that for people in condos, they can’t redo plumbing so easily due to restrictions but still want a more sophisticated controller.

Lars, i am not following you. Could you clarify?
Valve solenoids come in AC or DC powered solenoids. Both require wire. They are not available with hose thread. There are now Wi-Fi smart hose timers that might be a good fit for you.

I was replying to the original poster. Same thing. Solenoids don’t have hose thread but the software supports drip if you can convert connectors to hook it all up.

Got it. I am sorry that I did not read the entire thread.