Rain Sensor 2.0

I have the updated 2.0 Android app on my phone and have looked at the web app and I have been unable to find where the rain sensor can be turned on and off.
Help please. :question:

great find! I don’t see it either @franz @Dan

I also see 1 other thing that doesn’t work. On the web page when looking at the weather stations map you can’t zoom in or out.

@ghctim @sjoegarrett Correct! That feature is not in the web app (yet; planning to release after 2.0 issues shake out)

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Aren’t those 2.0 issues?

Are you saying both the rain sensor and the zooming are 2.0 issues? @dan

@sjoegarrett you should be able to zoom in and out of the weather station map in the web app using the sliding scale on the top left. Note that the weather map is a simple image in IE/mobile so the zooming won’t work… If the sliding scale doesn’t work, let me know…

@sjoegarrett Not considering the rain sensor a 2.0 image as it wasn’t planned to be released in 2.0. The zooming would be a 2.0 issue…

I don’t see a sliding scale on the map.

With regards to turning the rain sensor on and off it was there in the last release of the app and web. Wouldn’t it be included in the 2.0 app and web?

@sjoegarrett Regarding the map, what browser are you using?

blame IE!

zooming works perfect in Safari and Chrome…

Not allowed in office environment. Testing should include IE, most popular browser in use.

@sjoegarrett Right, like I said, in IE and mobile the weather station map is a simple image, you won’t be able to zoom. I’ve added your request to the backlog…

@dan OK, what about the rain sensor question?

Thank you!

@sjoegarrett Rain sensor is a planned to be released once 2.0 issues settle down…

Thanks for your time and info.

No problem, thank you! :+1: