Rain Delay Question

Is there a way to tell ahead of time that Rachio plans to skip the next scheduled watering based on the rain that has been measured from a recent rainfall. Can I tell how much rain has been registered at the selected weather station (essentially the same question).

Today we got plenty of rain to skip my next watering but it still shows a scheduled watering for tonight. Ideally I’d like to know ahead of time that the schedule will not run

I just posted a similar question. I live in Dallas, and we had a tremendous thunder storm this morning. The weather station shows 0% precipitation. I can’t tell if my lawn will get watered tomorrow morning, or not. Currently the rain sensor is activated. But I don’t know if I should manually delay a day, to skip tomorrow, or if my super smart Rachio will figure it out for me :slight_smile:


@jfish303 - to save typing, here is my response to @alfredoj -> Just had a thunder storm, should I set a rain delay?

So within about 24 hours to the scheduled watering, assuming one is using a Flex schedule, I’m not sure there will be an update on the watering schedule until about an hour before watering. So just relax and trust the Rachio. It has worked fine for me for the last year. That is assuming Rain Skip or Weather Intelligence is on and set properly.

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@jfish303, to look and see what your weather station is registering you can go to the screen where you choose your weather station, and right underneath that station it will say “link” – selecting that will let you see the specifics of your weather station – I’m using a MIDxxxx station, so I go about halfway down in all the text until I see “Findu” underlined – selecting that lets me see the details of what my station is recording.

@alfredoj - is your weather station close by? I know that in my case I HAVE to use a PWS to get anything close to the precip I get at my house – the National weather stations are all 10-15 miles from my house and can get vastly different precipation than what I get.

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Yes, the “national” one is 10 miles away, and weather here in Dallas is nuts. It can pour in my area and 5 miles away, no rain at all. I found a personal station less than a mile from my house. But I just looked and it doesn’t appear to show very much rain for this morning.

Another personal station even closer, shows similar rain fall. Maybe that little amount is more that it seems.

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I found a weather station about a mile away and it appears to show a lot more precipitation. I switched to that one. Time will tell.

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Will go look at weather station details. Thanks everyone

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I have a question regarding my WR2 Rainbird Rain sensor. I have my device set to trigger no watering if there was 1/8th inch or more of rain fall. We received about 1/2 “. I received a notification from my Rachio device that the sensor was triggered. The rain guage on the device is still showing about 2/8ths of water and the big X and a rain cloud indicating that the sensor wont allow watering until it dries below 1/8”. I never received a Rachio notice that the Rain sensor was deactivated so I think my Rachio still knows the sensor delay is in effect. Rachio shows my next scheduled watering for Sunday, but also rain in the forecast but no indication that it will still adhere to what my sensor says. So, my question is how do I know that Rachio is still honoring the rain sensor? Is there a way to add something to the app that shows the sensor status on the screen?

@garyjnj1 Your controller will listen to the sensor, so as long as your sensor is activated, it will skip. Unfortunately, the best way to identify if the sensor is still activated is to check your Device Updates in your activity feed and see what the last notification was (activated or deactivated). I agree we could improve the visibility of the status of your sensor, I will make sure to log your feedback for the team :slight_smile:


Thanks Mckynzee, that would be a significant and great improvement!

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