Just had a thunder storm, should I set a rain delay?

My watering day is tomorrow. Set to water at 4 am. We just had a big thunderstorm. Rained for about 30 minutes. I see that my rain sensor activated. But the local weather says Precipitation 0%. Is this just a delay from the weather station? I can’t tell if it is planning to skip tomorrow or not. Please advise.


@alfredoj - are you looking at your specified weather station or on the Rachio application. If the Rachio application, I would think it is a delay from being updated. If your specified weather station shows enough rainfall using PWSweather or CWOP or Hamweather, as appropriate web site, your Rachio unit will check in an hour before watering tomorrow, so 3 AM, and depending on whether you have Rain Skip enabled or you’re running a Flex schedule and the water zone was refilled you should receive a message saying the schedule was skipped because of …

I just looked at my weather station (that is less than a mile from my home). It isn’t showing much rain…

I was using a local station, but with poor results. I decided to try this personal station in my neighborhood. Now I’m wondering about it.

What do you think? I really don’t want it to water tomorrow. Just to add, my back yard is currently flooded. I know there was more than that amount of rain this morning.

@alfredoj - The PWS close to me only reported 0.31" which seems close to the rain guage on my fence when I peeked at it on the way out this morning and KDAL (NWS at Dallas Love Field) only reported .12". So, we’re back to GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). Based on .05" I don’t think Rachio would skip. If you don’t want it to water tomorrow, then I’d put the Rachio unit on Standby - but don’t forget to take it off Standby in a day or two.


PWS_KG5EIU looks good.

I use a PWS a couple of miles from my house, and probably 90%-95% of the time it seems to be good, but I have to keep an eye on it because it occasionally stops reporting precipitation. One time when this happened, I contacted the owner of the station, he checked things out and couldn’t see anything on his end. And then a couple of days later it just starts showing precipitation recording again (and if I look at his charts, it shows precip!) – so I guess it just has a hiccup once in a while. So, long story short, check the station status occasionally. Rachio will often show that no precipitation is being recorded for an individual station.

Sounds like you should switch to PWS_KG5EIU, and that will do the trick. Do you have rain skip enabled on your schedules? If so, what is the threshold set at?

It worked! I let Rachio do it’s thing and it skipped watering this morning (which is what I wanted).