Rain Bird ESP-me Wiring Help

Ok, so I labeled all the wires and where they were connected in the original Rain Bird. I just tried to test a few zones and although the App shows it’s running, it’s not producing any water output at the appropriate zone. (FYI. Tested all zones with Rain Bird and all was working appropriately).
So, I would imagine this is a wiring issue. I’ll first include some pictures but also type out the original wiring.

White - COM
Green - MV
Blue - 1
Yellow -2
Gray - 3
Black - 4
Pink - 5
Light Blue - 8
Darker Tan - 9
Light Purple - 10
Light Tan - 11/14

Then I had 2 pigtails that were wired as such…

1 Orange and 1 Red wires - into single Orange - into 1 Blue (7) and 1 Brown (12/15)

2 Orange wires - into single Orange - into 1 Blue (6) and 1 Brown (13/16)

I’m assuming I should be doing something different with the pigtails, but looking for some direction. But for the single wires that are directly connected to the same zone, why wouldn’t those work?

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@Bmaas - Is the master valve option enabled in the Rachio app?

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MV -simple fix looks like, just enable and tested all stations. I’ll attempt to run full schedule tonight


I see multiple stations connected to each other. Are you runnng a zone Doubler in 2 different areas?