Rachio3 is unable to connect to WiFi

I have tried multiple times and I’m unable to connect my rachio3 to the wifi network. So I’m unable to use the controller. I’m using a Samsung s10 phone for setup and it’s connected to the same WiFi.
Please help

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There are two likely possibilities: the app is not ‘provisioning’ the controller correctly, or it’s somehow incompatible with your network.

First, confirm that you can get the controller to have quadrant 2 blinking. Then, what happens when you try to set up Wi-Fi? Do the controller lights change? What error message do you get? Can your router see the controller?

Try a different mobile device if you have one. It need not have a working SIM, as long as it has Wi-Fi and can install the app. Or, try from your computer:

To rule out network incompatibility, temporarily set up a second phone as a mobile hotspot and try to get Rachio to connect to it.