Rachio schwag vote!

Hello Community,

Love schwag? So do we. That’s why we are trying to figure out what’s the best schwag to offer our customers. We have a few thoughts, but wanted your input. Below are 6 ideas for Rachio schwag. Using the poll below, please vote for your top 3 choices. Be sure to scroll down to see pictures of each option.

Feel free to add any comments or questions.


:cheers: :colorado:

  • Baseball cap
  • Logo t-shirt
  • Smart water t-shirt
  • Umbrella
  • Water bottle
  • Yard sign

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Since this forum is mostly guys, my guess is that they will vote for a t-shirt or cap. Can I vote a second time for the umbrella–I think it’s clever!

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Ha, vote early and often!


My thoughts exactly!:wink:

It’s very clever, I just live in Phoenix so I don’t know what I’d use an umbrella for.


I live in the Phoenix area, too. It’s a good thing I’m not frightened by spiders, cause the last time I used my umbrella, I had to clear away the webs.


If you send me a yard sign, I would definitely display
With pleasure

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I like the umbrella design. I’d also display the yard sign. I’ve gotten a few people in the neighborhood to ditch their regular controller for a Rachio. It still pains me to see people with runoff or watering on the wrong restricted days.

Is the baseball cap one size with some sort of adjustment buckle in the back?

Yes, a standard trucker hat. For some reason it’s the only adjustable hat that has ever fit my small head :wink:


Got an image of the backside of the baseball cap?


Sorry, I just noticed that is a different hat, not our current hats. I’ll step away now. I don’t know what the back strap is like :smile:


Hey wx16,
I do the design work over here at Rachio. Jumping in to say these are early concepts for what we can create. If you have something specific you’d like to see, a preferred cut, or anything else, let us know! We want to make sure these swag items are what you all actually want.

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I would display a yard sign, even though it might irritate several of the neighbors who continue to send water down the gutters–which is actually in violation of municipal code. C’mon neighbors-we do live in a desert.

You can lead a horse to water . . . . . . .:wink:

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@Grant, we forgot about the Rachio jhorts :wink:


@Grant, how about a solid non-mesh back for the cap with either a buckle or velcro adjustment instead of plastic snaps?

We can definitely look into some different adjustable hats. A buckle sounds best to me so far. :cheers:

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I used one for shade when I was fixing my *%@$ pool pump a few weeks ago !

I definitely vote for a full covered hat and not mesh. Unfortunately, some of us need all the protection from the sun up there that we can get