Rachio schwag vote!

That yard sign is the tits. Although I wish it said, irrigation water supplied by rachio. Just to poke at the reclaim ppl.

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Ya know, all my pool equipment sits in direct sun right on the hot side of the house. I’ve always said that I need to install some kind of awning over that thing. Not only to protect the equipment and parts, but definitely when I’m out there fixing the latest thing that broke. Currently I’ve been putting off trying to fix an actuator valve that decided to leak when the waterfall is in the on position

@Grant Since you opened the flood gates for other ideas, I’m thinking a tumbler would be cool. I’d proudly use and display it at the office daily ! If others did as well you’d get a lot of eyes on the logo. I could see them sitting on counters at irrigation shops should you choose to send some your partners’ ways. Here’s some wanna-be photoshop renderings.

And an exclusive for the ladies @sunny ?


I like it! Yeah, we can definitely look into that. Would you prefer one of these tumblers to a water bottle then?

@Grant I definitely prefer a tumbler to a water bottle, but that’s just me of course. I almost never use the water bottles but have a tumbler with me all day at the office, and carry it to meetings. Maybe the water bottle is better for hikes and going about town ? I know I’d get some folks asking me about the tumbler. Maybe the Rachio lettering included somewhere would work just as well or better ?

Umbrella for sure. That is cool on many levels…great for baseball and even football games!

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It’s gotta be one of those no sweat ones thought. If it’s a sweaty cup, then that’s a deal breaker.


@azdavidr Careful, you are going to put @Grant out of a job.


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Good point @Modawg2k. I have one of those Starbucks double walled version that insulates & keeps from sweating. I’d gladly put it aside …

All of these items are really cool. You could also offer them for sale under store on your website.

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Definitely doublewall for any tumbler or water bottle. Not only does it reduce/eliminate condensation on the outer surface, but it also keeps the beverage temperature at the desired level for longer.

Yes, sell them so a fan boy such as I can brand out it public


Keep @Grant. He’s good, and I tend to get carried away fiscally.


Ha hahahahahahahaha

Big fan of the yard sign.

rain poncho… ?

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and if we’re doing hats, consider a bucket hat. one wide enough for my ginormous head.

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2nd vote for a rain poncho!

It’s,till,holding out for the car…

I want get a Logo t-shirt and that water bottle ta-now. :thumbsup: