Rachio Gen2 firmware upgrade

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I would like to ask you for help regarding of my rachio gen2 that is not able to upgrading firmware. My rachio is still running on iro2-firmware-5-82. I already tried to switch off/on rachio and reinstall android application on my android mobile device but I still do not get any notification about the availability of new firmware for gen2. For sure, I’m on the same wifi nw as my rachio gen2 is connected. I already contacted support via mobile application but did not get any response.
Please help me to solve this issue and upgrade firmware on my rachio gen2.
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What is the latest version of the firmware? I am running our Gen 2 on the same version. Without any problem by the way.

Please check article below where Franz mentioned “iro2-firmware-5-95”:

@ervin75 - I’m on the 5-82 firmware version. The version @Franz mention may have just been pushed to those two controllers or only controllers that had flow meters installed as it looked like that was what the firmware was fixing.

Guys, do you know if Rachio have some web page or any other source where we can check what is the latest version of each generation firmware please?

Same here. I’m running my Gen 2 on the same firmware 5-82 without any problem.

Hey @ervin75!

Not currently. But noted & added that to our to-do list! :slight_smile:

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Your controller will get new firmware within the hour.


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Thank you! I can confirm that it is running on version 5-104 now.

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My controller is also at iro2-firmware-5-82. Is this something that should have auto updated?

We are slowly rolling out the newer firmware, but it shouldn’t be critical unless you have a flow meter or are using our well delay feature.


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I’m listening. :slightly_smiling_face: For those of us using the feature what shoukd we expect or look for post-update?

Those controllers are (have been) the first in-line to receive the new firmware. I believe controllers using those features already have it.


I’m currently on 5-82, when should I be receiving the firmware update?

I’m on iro2 firmware 5-104

I just ran across this thread.

Strange. Although I don’t really have any issues with my Gen 2 (I’ve had it for a few happy years), I still seem to be stuck on firmware 5.82. Is there something I need to do?


Same here

Hey @jeffreyh51 & @robnielsen!

Firmware updates coming your way!


Thanks @laura.bauman

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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