Rachio Gen2 firmware upgrade


@robnielsen @jeffreyh51 The latest firmware is not necessary for most customers but does fix some edge cases we have experienced. For everyone else, in the winter we will be upgrading all controllers to latest firmware versions.



Thanks Guys.

As I noted, I don’t really have any specific issues, but thought that maybe there were a few changes (other than flow meter) that might be beneficial for me, particularly since there have been a few updates since 5.82.


Hi, @laura.bauman.

I haven’t received the firmware upgrade as yet. Anything I need to do?



Hey @jeffreyh51,

Shooting over another update shortly. Let us know if that doesn’t come through!

-Lo :rachio:


I’ll do that. Thanks!


Hi, @laura.bauman. Success! Just received the update. Thanks for your persistence!


WAHOO!!! Great to hear! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


@laura.bauman Is that the new “Sound of Music” video or is it the “Sound of Rachio?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can someone update me too!


Should be updated within the hour.



Sound of Rachio, obviously :slight_smile:


I’m still stuck on 5-82 as well. Would appreciate a nudge.


@brussell27 I had the engineering apply this. Should get the update within the hour.



Can I get the latest firmware pushed to my Gen 2? I’m also on 5-82.






I guess I can’t resist new firmware. Could you shoot it my way as well?
Thanks Franz!


Thank you, much appreciated.


No new functionality, a few edge cases have been fixed. Should get within the hour.



Can I get the latest firmware also? I’m still on 5-82


Hi @tuananhdoan,
You controller is on the latest firmware.