Rachio Gen 3 unable to connect to WiFi


What is the fix for this?

Rachio 3 app saying it cannot connect controller.

Controller sits on white light on left and amber next - does nothing.


I’ll PM you. Your controller looks activated, going to have you run a network analysis to help diagnose any connectivity issues.



Your controller looks activated. Are you experiencing other issues?



I was quick to post here but after a few power cycles and making sure it was connecting to my Legacy 802.11 2G network it seems to have finally connected.

It was sitting and then failing on the connecting to WiFi and then if you stopped it (by killing the app cuz there is no cancel or back button) you had to re-enter all your address and state and zip and country info again and again while this failure to connect was happening.

Kinda crazy first time experience.


Thank you for the information, I will forward this to the team.



Ran network test requested. Code is 996B5DA8. Please let me know the outcome and recommendations. Thanks.


I’m having the same issue with my Rachio Gen 3. I’ve tried 4g, 5g, and direct connect, but cannot get the device to be recognized during setup. I’ve updated my app to the latest release today as well, but no luck.

Any help or advice?


I’m in the same boat! Updated app, still can’t get on, will then say it can’t find my controller now? Any help??


Can someone activate mine!


How frustrating. I’m having the same problem. Just finished the physical install and it won’t connect to my wifi network. Help!?


Same issue here. HELP


@davek @parkums @Fresno1 @sballew

I’ve PMed you for more information. Thank you.



I’ll have the team review this in the morning. Thank you for sending.


I got mine to work!
Pressed the WiFi button on the Rachio unit. The light strip went blue, then restarted the app and signed in, when I did this it let me pick a WiFi network to connect to which didn’t happen before, connected without a problem after, not sure for I just got lucky, hope it helps


I’m having the same issue adding the Rachio Gen3



I’ve PMed you for more information. Thank you.


thanks Franz!

  1. Sent franz information requested
  2. Reset wifi
  3. Unit connected and the firmware update ran. Account/controller connected with servers
  4. Reset wifi
  5. Unit is online and running



Sorry for this experience. We are releasing new mobile software that will help with some of these issues. Its a very small amount of customers but any number is too high. Thanks again for your patience.



I had the customer success team review this and their first thoughts were that the router could be a little too far from the controller. I looked in our logs and the controller does look like it is connected and hasn’t disconnected for quite some time.



Same issue here.
getting yellow blinking. Error connecting to Wifi.
Router is open, no pwds etc.
device actually shows up as wifi connection.
App is erroring out.
Getting sometimes, “connect to Wifi” and it sees the wifi router, but then error.
"Setting accessory to join, "
waiting for rachio (rachio starts blinking yellow)
app is sitting here for a long time.
unexpected error, try again.

Please help, frustrated.