Rachio Gen 3 unable to connect to WiFi

iPhone 11 Pro & and I’ve tried on an XR

For the iPhone Pro 11 there is an issue with the firmware on the unit (if new) and will need to be activated with a different mobile device (only one time). The XR should work for provisioning (just verified it works with XR/iOS 13.4.1). I would perform a factory reset on the unit and try one more time. If you have an iPad that will also work for the one time provisioning step. First I would factory reset the unit.

Thanks for your patience and have a great day!


I found an old android tablet and was able to get it to work.

Ok great. After provisioning new firmware will be sent to the unit so if you ever need to re-provision or update the WiFi the iPhone 11 Pro will work fine.


My controller had to be reset and it is not connecting to Wi-Fi now. Only a single light blinking. I exhausted the suggestions from the support area. After reading multiple comments in the community that appear to be similar, it sounds like the device may be “bricked.” It has worked well for three months and then, quit working. Is there someone with Rachio I can talk to “live”?

@patzby - what is the light code that is blinking?

Try calling 1 844 4RACHIO (1 844 472 2446)