Rachio Gen 3 unable to connect to WiFi

iPhone 11 Pro & and I’ve tried on an XR

For the iPhone Pro 11 there is an issue with the firmware on the unit (if new) and will need to be activated with a different mobile device (only one time). The XR should work for provisioning (just verified it works with XR/iOS 13.4.1). I would perform a factory reset on the unit and try one more time. If you have an iPad that will also work for the one time provisioning step. First I would factory reset the unit.

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I found an old android tablet and was able to get it to work.

Ok great. After provisioning new firmware will be sent to the unit so if you ever need to re-provision or update the WiFi the iPhone 11 Pro will work fine.


My controller had to be reset and it is not connecting to Wi-Fi now. Only a single light blinking. I exhausted the suggestions from the support area. After reading multiple comments in the community that appear to be similar, it sounds like the device may be “bricked.” It has worked well for three months and then, quit working. Is there someone with Rachio I can talk to “live”?

@patzby - what is the light code that is blinking?

Try calling 1 844 4RACHIO (1 844 472 2446)

It’s almost 2021, can you post an answer to the can’t connect to wifi, can’t authenticate device problems. Been trying to connect since early November 2020. These comments are from 2018-19.

Can’t believe you have to be an IT wizard to get this POS working

When you posted (in another thread) on Nov. 25, I asked a few questions in an attempt to help, but there was no reply.

Tried lots to connect New Rachio 3 to no avail:

Have Rachio 3, strong wifi signal, tried with ios, andorid, windows

Have WHITE light on left quarter that blinks 12 times in row slowly followed by RED left quarter one time quickly, and then repeats to infinity. Never get to an amber/yellow light.

Goes through following attempts to set up on iPhone X:

-Gathering information about your network
-This accessory will be set up to join “network” (has correct rachio name shown under accessory window)
-Setting up this accessory to join “network”
-Joining “network"…. (circle icon for long time)
-An unexpected error occurred. Try again

Have repeatedly tried to recycle everything to no avail. Have tried unplugging Rachio, Reseting rachio by holding ‘stop’ button until blue light across shows up….and get the same series of messages when trying to restart. Have tried removing and reinstalling Rachio app, going within the app to ‘more’ to remove the controller, etc.

Been trying hard and working hard to get this up and running…to no avail.

Serial Number: VC5193447


I am having setup issue with connecting to internet

@Agrawaljk - some questions:

  1. What is the light code you’re seeing?

  2. Can you describe your network?

  3. Using Android or iOS device?

I see light zone 2 with yellow blinking.
Setting up on Iphone with WIFI.

I see error as attached.

Try using an older phone, even without a SIM, an Android or iOS tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer. See