Rachio Amazon Alexa/Echo Skill for UK Market

I think that the Rachio 2 is an amazing product and with the IFTTT and Alexa communication integration it was a must for me.
Being in the UK and in order to take on the full benefits of the Rachio irrigation system, I purchased the Amazon Echo. On trying to get the device connected to the Rachio, I have undertaken hours of research to solve the problem. It is only now and to my disappointment that I am finding out that the UK Amazon store does not hold the Rachio Skill app. Is there a reason why the Echo Rachio app is not available for the UK market? Is its possible to add the same Rachio app in to the UK store because I and I’m sure many of your other customers would be delighted to use it.
Thank you for any enlightenment on this subject.

Hi @ticktack!

I just want to confirm- are you not pulling anything up on step 2 from this support article?

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi McKynzee,
Thank you for getting back to me.
I have seen this article before and tried to follow the steps. Unfortunately when I undertake step 2 it does not find the Rachio app. Please see the attached image.
Thank you for investigating this.


Where in the UK do you live? Just curious.

I’ve submitted the app for UK approval, will let you know when available!


Franz the magician back at it :rabbit: :tophat:

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Hi All,

I am in a similar situation to TickTak. I love the rachio gen2 device. I imported it into the UK and now actually live in Prague and use it here.

All my amazon accounts use the UK market and as Ticktak says I can’t access the Rachio Alexa skill on the UK store.

Franz do you have any idea how long the certification for the skill to be adopted on the UK store will take?


I wonder if there is any update on the likely integration of Rachio onto Alexa for UK?
If no progress on Alexa is in sight, then is there any other voice-activation equipment/app that I could try?

I don’t know about the UK Alexa skill, I would have to defer to @franz on that. However you could maybe look into Google Home and see if that works for you. It has voice-activation abilities much like Alexa.


We looked into this and it involved going through a re-certification process and was also going to involve some functional changes. It’s on our list, but not a high priority at the time.


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Hello! Another UK user here. Alexa integration is one of the major reasons why I bought this. It would be desirable to get this working - not sure why it requires functional changes etc but you know better than me.

I have the same issues. Please let us know when this has been sorted

July 18 still waiting…come guys please get on with it

Hi Franz…any idea when we may be able to have your Alexa app/skill available in Australia. I and a number of my friends all have your wonderful Rachio product and use Alexa…only thing missing is the integration between the two. Thanks.