Amazon Alexa not working in Australia


Hi Rachio team,

Amazon Echo/Alexa is available in Australia from today, and I have encountered the same issue already described by UK users in the article below:

Can the certification process for Amazon Australia please be initiated from your end as well? I really purchased the Echo Dot only to get full benefit from my Rachio, and I am very disappointed that I can’t set it up at the moment.
As mentioned above, Amazon has only just started in Australia today (February 2018), therefore I am sure there will be more people from your Australian user base asking for this…

Thanks and best regards,


Thanks for raising this and i also, with excitement bought controller and echo and was really disappointed to note that this skill is still not available in australia. Appreciate Rachio team to take a note and add this skill to leverage this wonderful piece of hardware,


I third this request. Can your developers please please register the English (Australian) end-point in the Alexa Skills page and point it to existing cloud scripts… Might take 30 mins of a dev’s time… :slight_smile:


Yes…would love to see the skill available in Australia so I can integrate my Rachio with Alexa. Could I also request this be done.


Hi Rachio team, just following up on this post, Australian Rachio fans are still waiting (impatiently) for integration with Amazon Alexa…
I am wondering if a “Rachio Official” could please respond and advise when we might be able to see the integration working down under? Has the app also been submitted to Amazon for approval in Australia yet (apparently it has for the UK)?
Thanks a lot, Carsten


Hey @Carsten,

While we don’t have an integration for Alexa in Australia at this time, we are aware of the demand and it is on our radar for future research :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking in!

Lo :rachio:


@Carsten We just got certified for CA and UK. I’m going to have the team look into Australia, assuming it’s just as easy.



Thanks Franz, highly appreciated! Every time I demonstrate my Rachio Gen2 to friends or colleagues, they are all blown away by it and some have already placed orders on Amazon USA as well. In other words: your user base in Australia will keep growing… thanks for looking after us!


The team submitted this for approval yesterday. Hopefully in a few days will be live. I’ll let you know when it receives certification.



That’s fantastic, thanks for the update Franz! Likewise, I will let you know and confirm from my end as well as soon as the skill is working.


Australia should be live!



Excellent, I can see the new skill and have just linked it to my Rachio controller. I’m still in the office but can’t wait to try it out tonight. Thanks Franz and the Rachio team, you guys rock!


We also added a few more commands :wink:



Hi Rachio,

Any chance of getting it all approved and working in New Zealand ?



@Alastair I had the engineering team look into this and there doesn’t seem to be any language choice for New Zealand. Are you unable to find the skill?