Amazon Alexa not working in Australia


Hi Rachio team,

Amazon Echo/Alexa is available in Australia from today, and I have encountered the same issue already described by UK users in the article below:

Can the certification process for Amazon Australia please be initiated from your end as well? I really purchased the Echo Dot only to get full benefit from my Rachio, and I am very disappointed that I can’t set it up at the moment.
As mentioned above, Amazon has only just started in Australia today (February 2018), therefore I am sure there will be more people from your Australian user base asking for this…

Thanks and best regards,


Thanks for raising this and i also, with excitement bought controller and echo and was really disappointed to note that this skill is still not available in australia. Appreciate Rachio team to take a note and add this skill to leverage this wonderful piece of hardware,


I third this request. Can your developers please please register the English (Australian) end-point in the Alexa Skills page and point it to existing cloud scripts… Might take 30 mins of a dev’s time… :slight_smile:


Yes…would love to see the skill available in Australia so I can integrate my Rachio with Alexa. Could I also request this be done.