Rachio 3e upgrade to WI+ When?

A lot of us who own the Rachio 3e received emails saying that on December 6th the controllers would be upgraded to use Weather Intelligence +. I know at least one other 3e owner in my area and neither of us have been upgraded. Does anyone know what is going on with this?

WI+ designation has been retired, now that everyone has access to weather underground. You can still check that you have access to “plus” on the app.rach.io website, but phone app no longer shows it (site will be updated at some point as well, I imagine).

I do not have access to the WU stations yet. I heard back from Rachio support this morning. They have to manually upgrade the existing 3E owners to add WI+. I am scheduled for next week.

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My 3e was upgraded to WI+ this morning. Thank you Rachio.

Now I have my choice of using the aggregated weather information or one of the several WU stations within less than a 1/2 mile. Before the upgrade the nearest Aeris network station was over 4 miles from my location. At my location in SW Florida we have a lot of isolated thundershowers and 4 miles can make a large difference in precipitation accumulations.