Weather Intelligence Plus does not appear in Rachio 3 settings – unlike screenshots in Rachio FAQ's

I have a Rachio 3 (3rd gen) with the most recent firmware and iOS app.

I would like to know if my hardware/software is incorrect in not displaying Weather Intelligence™ Plus settings, or if the Rachio FAQs and screenshots are out of date, since none of the FAQs seem to mention the settings as they appear in my app.

When I go through the Rachio FAQs, I see “Weather Intelligence” in the screenshots Rachio has posted.

However, I do not have that option displayed, and instead have a gray section heading that says “WEATHER” with options to select Weather Source and Weather Thresholds. None of those mention Weather Intelligence (plus or otherwise).



Is Weather Intelligence™ Plus a real thing that was discontinued or are they no longer using the marketing jargon in the app?

Rachio app has been a fairly confusing experience overall as the screenshots and FAQs seem to be out of date, and there are references in the app to Lawn Warrior that leads to error pages on the Rachio website since that has been discontinued.

Same for me, seems Rachio is sunsetting the “plus” designation now that it is available to everyone. You should still be able to see it via the website, but you are not missing anything by not explicitly seeing “plus” on the app. Screenshots need to be updated it seems.

Thanks. I do see it on the web interface thanks to your link, and the options are the same as what I have in the app. I did not see weather intelligence (with or without plus) in my app, so it was a bit disconcerting since I couldn’t tell if I was missing something.

I’ll also add that it is recomended to use a local PWS whenever possible over the WI+ (or whatever it is called now). WI+ can take too much of an average, if that makes sense…