Rachio 3 won't power on

After my controller would not connect to a new wifi network, I unplugged the controller and plugged it back in, a few times. Now the controller will not turn on. I tried another appliance on the outlet, and the outlet works fine. I have searched various forums, but other than contacting customer service to (most likely) ask to have the controller replaced, I didn’t see any other clear advice on what I can do right now to fix the controller on my own (it’s hot here in the midwest, and I’d like to get back to watering as soon as possible so my grass doesn’t suffer any more than necessary). I have contacted customer service for help, but may not hear back for a few days. Thanks for any help!

Rachio features a resettable fuse, it should cool down and reset when not exposed to power for a bit of time (longer if it’s hot outside). Try keeping it disconnected for about 10 minutes, does it turn on after?

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Gene, thank you for the quick response. I left the controller unplugged last night, and plugged it in again this morning, And the controller would still not power up. I then tried the outlet again with another appliance, and that appliance worked fine. Are there other suggestions that you think I should pursue? Thanks again.

It will be useful to know if it is a controller failure, or the power supply. Knowing this will also expedite the support Rachio can provide if your controller is still under warranty (if not, many controllers were repaired by end users on these forums).

Get yourself a voltage meter, you don’t need anything fancy, something like this will do:

You want to measure the voltage on the barrel plug of the power supply while it is plugged into the wall outlet. If the plug works, you should see a 24VAC on that port.

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So whatever happened to this?