Rachio 3 isn't powering on

Hi, all:

I received an email around 1am last night that my Rachio controller went offline. I went to check this morning and I noticed that it isn’t powered. No lights as usual. I did check out this helpful post. I checked the power source and it works on another appliance. I also unplugged and replugged in the Rachio controller after waiting about 10 minutes – per the other thread’s instructions. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot before contacting Rachio? Thanks!

Just want to add that I unplugged the power source for a number of hours and retired. Still the unit does not power on. I double checked the outlet (it is good) so I’m at a loss on what to do.

@taney71 - is a volt meter available to see if the power supply is putting out current?

It could be the power supply is kaput. I’d contact Rachio support.

I didn’t use a volt meter but the outlet that I was using works. I’ve got a freezer running off the outlet and tried something else to power.

@taney71 I understand the power outlet works. I was moving down the line to the transformer output to see if it was putting out 24 VAC to determine if it is the power supply or the circuit board that is bad.

Any recent lighting strikes or electrical surges?

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If the outlet still works, its either the Rachio or its power supply.

As @DLane mentioned you can use a volt meter to check the power supply.

Okay, thanks. I’ll use a volt meter today to check the outlet but I’ve been running the Rachio from the outlet for a year with no problems.

As for lighting strikes, we did have a storm a few days ago (a day before my Rachio went out) but the power didn’t go out or anything.

Thanks, I’ll do that. I’m at work right now but will check with a volt meter when I get home. If the power supply is good then would it be a bad circuit board as DLane suggested? Would I need to replace the entire unit?

It most likely would be a bad board if the power supply checks out good. At that point you may want to check with Rachio for a replacement if you’re still under warranty. Hopefully its just the power supply that failed, that’s what I’m leaning towards being the issue.

okay, thanks so much! I’ll check after work