Rachio 3 Shipping Update


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When are the wireless flow meters shipping?


Hey @doylecoons!

Wireless Flow Meters will ship in mid-June :grinning:

-Lo :rachio:


Woot! Woot!


Has the eta for 16 zone orders changed? I placed mine a week ago.
New sod, desperate to get the controller, the one I’m replacing has basically died.


@edukins - this was posted a couple of days ago:


I don’t know about that. I ordered the 8 zone gen 3 on Saturday and as of Friday no shipping information, just confirmation Rachio got paid.



Do you mind providing me with your order number?


Your order should be shipping very soon, but sounds like your sod needs it ASAP. I can work with our team to get your unit out today if you provide me with your order number as well.


Yep, my sod definitely needs it!
My order #: 12345623929


@edukins and @rshea-

Sorry for the confusion. The quickest way for us to get those orders resolved is an email to orders@rachio.com. Make sure to include you order numbers, and feel free to mention this thread!


I did actually open a ticket via email yesterday and was informed that the order would ship out today. Still waiting for the the shipment confirmation email with tracking info.