Shipping date for flow meters?


Do you have any timelines for the wireless flow meters, for those of us who preordered?


Rachio 3 Shipping Update

I second this, we have hit June, any updates on the Flow meters? Thanks.


+1, I’m curious as well. Any estimates?


Hey @lokuly, @boldblue737, @imjazzy,

Flow Meters will be shipping in mid-June :slight_smile: Everyone should be getting an update email shortly!

-Lo :rachio:


Woot! Thanks @laura.bauman. :slight_smile:


Welcome! You all are going to LOVE it! So exciting :slight_smile:


I need to install mine, hopefully this weekend. I’m sure everyone will love my Flow meter --> hose install.



Thanks for the quick response!



Looking forward for the pics and feedback… lol


Just got an email saying that my Flowmeter shipped!! Very excited to get it installed!


I got an email stating that my flow meter will ship by the end of June. It is now 27 June and I have not received an update or the flow meter. Please provide an update.


I got the same email about flow meter shipping by end of June. Has timing changed? Love my Rachio, can’t wait for flow meter to arrive.


@mmmooretx Keep an eye out, you should be receiving an email with shipping confirmation very shortly :wink:

@SchultzJH Would you mind DM’ing me the email you used for your order?


I now have mine in Houston; no one to install it, but it makes a great paper weight!


Wireless paper weight?