Rachio 3 Shipping Update

Hey everyone! I wanted to give a follow up update to shipping after last week’s post.

All Rachio 3 preorders made before May 5th will be shipped by May 25th at the latest. We began producing Rachio 3 8 zones first, and 16 zones after, which is why many of you have noticed 8 zones going out first. Otherwise, we’re shipping first in first out, with a small group of exceptions for early preorder users who needed their controllers ASAP for things like new sod or broken existing timers.

We know this has not been a great experience for a number of you, and we are incredibly sorry for that. We value our customers above all else, and we can’t wait to get this product in your hands, because I think that customer focus will shine through the new Rachio 3.

While we hope that this update helps, if you would like to cancel you order, we understand. To cancel, please fill out this form, and your order will be cancelled and refunded within 2 business days if it has not already been shipped. However, we want you to know that it will be hard to find a Rachio 3 elsewhere and we recommend you keep your order if you want to keep your spot in line for shipping.

Now- to clear up some confusion that we have seen on the forums…

Did some people pay to “cut the line” and get their Rachio 3 first?
No. This was a misunderstanding based on the expediting shipping form we mentioned earlier.

Did something happen where 8 zone units were shipped before 16 zone units?
Yes, as noted above, we began producing Rachio 3 8 zones first, and 16 zones after.

Did Rachio collect money at order because they needed that to build the product?
Definitely not. We had to collect payment at purchase due to an oversight with our payment provider, Stripe. This was not our original plan, but due to system limitations, we had to collect payment. Rachio has been working on the Rachio 3 for a while, and the project was in no way funded by your purchase of the product.

Is Rachio 3 worth the wait?
Yes. It’s awesome. I’m serious- this thing is next level. So definitely worth the wait!!

Hope this helps! Thanks everyone for your patience.

McKynzee :rachio:


Please for the love of God keep your promises Rachio and ship my controller. I have been promised several times my Rachio would ship, the latest was an e-mail saying in bold letters it would ship no later than May 11th… well that day has come and gone.

Where do I stand as I ordered the Rachio 3 8 zones on May 6?? The Rachio website is a bit deceiving as on the order page it state that the Rachio 3 ships in one week. A typical person would expect an order placed today would be seen in a little over a week but we know that’s definitely not going to be the case from what I’ve been reading.

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@Aaronhasko - I’ve checked with our team and your order will be shipping by Monday. I’m sorry that we’ve caused you this frustration.

@Bert - we will be caught up with most of our pre-orders this upcoming week. The ships in 1 week language updated to our site this morning. It should be two weeks and will be updated shortly. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I ordered mine on March 30… let’s see if they honor their word and ship mine today. Good luck to you!

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I just checked my FedEx account online and see that my label has been created. Should be shipping today I would guess since label was created Saturday.


@scorp508 You crack me up.

@Aaronhasko Your R3 controller came up in our all hands meeting this morning and is definitely going out today.



I received a notice last Monday, May 7th that mine was shipping soon. Received an update on May 8th from support that it should ship in a few days. I sent a reply Monday that hasn’t been answered and its now the 17th and counting. I guess I will hope for the 25th…

Any clue when a 16 zone ordered on 4/6 might ship?

At the time the date seemed so close. And now it seems so far. And I am
$330 poorer :wink:

My 8 port controller will arrive Wed. 23 May, ordered 26 Apr. Acceptable for pre order guidelines, looking forward to it!


I ordered my Rachio 3 16 zone on April 6th, received an email promising shipment before May 21st (after other emails insinuating much sooner), and still haven’t received any update email, shipping confirmation, or anything else to reflect that date being missed.

My patience is nearly gone (as with most on these boards right now) with the failure to properly communicate and manage expectations.

When is the next “promised” date I should anticipate?

@Shospes - looks like Ed was able to get ahold of you Monday with a tracking number

@teshreve - yours has shipped, I’ll DM you the tracking info :slight_smile:

@mpm2003 - yours has shipped also, sending over the tracking info!

-Lo :rachio:


If we just ordered Rachio 3 8 zone online this week would it be safe to say we wont get it for another month?

Nope :slight_smile:

Your 8 zone should ship within the week @bpcanecorso!

-Lo :rachio:

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Glad to see you guys are caught up now. Loving my Gen 3 :smiley:


Thank You Can’t wait to install it my first Irrigation controller


Hello - any update on orders placed around May 18th? With it showing shipping in 1 week now, would have thought have heard something by now.

Hey @evanheiser!

Your controller should be going out today so keep an eye on your email for shipping info!

:cheers: Lo


Thanks - will definitely be on the lookout for it.