Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)

Is there any update for this? I have been waiting for you to get this sorted out for about a year(others much longer). I find it very frustrating that you are still advertising your product as works with Homekit as it very clearly has issues. I grew very frustrated last year when your support staff blamed this issue on my network and were not forthcoming about this. It would be nice for your customers to know if this is going to be another 2 weeks, 2 month or 2 years before this gets resolved as your posts about it are quite incremental and never definitive.

Can you give us all an honest update so we can move on from this or know that a fix is imminent?

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Since about 10 months ago (when they actually acknowledged that it was an issue on their end, and were able to replicate it) they’ve been decent at updating everyone and they literally just released a beta (opt-in) to resolve the issue (current issues with that beta aside), so I’d say a fix is more than imminent.

The other day AT&T was having issues with my Internet. For some odd reason if the Internet goes down the rachio disconnects from homekit and has to be manually added back in each time which makes no sense.

I am so frustrated with this device at this point.

How long from when submitting to test the beta until it’s pushed to our controller?