Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)


I waited and I waited for HomeKit compatibility… When it was available I purchased the Rachio 3… Now, I am finding that in my Home app the Rachio is not available with “No Response”… I have cleared this problem twice now and the only way that I can figure out how to do it is to return the controller to factory and set it back up remembering NOT to remove the controller from the app (so as not to lose everything). This method seems to work but only temporarily.

Using the Rachio from the Home app is pretty rudimentary and frankly useless except for manual watering which sort of defeats the point of the smart controller. This still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not working inside HomeKit as it should and as promised…

Is there a fix coming up in a future update?


I am just very curious as to why you feel this way. I am not a HomeKit user myself, and I’ve been wondering what people want to do with it since the Rachio is so automatic on it’s own. I’ve got mine set up with a Flex Daily schedule and it just runs with little monitoring (which is VERY nice since I travel a lot).

The only thing I have come up (without really knowing HomeKit) is that maybe you’d want to do a pause using HomeKit instead of using the Rachio native app.

What am I missing?


I think you may have miss-understood me. I agree with you 100%. Using the homekit app / with Siri really only gives you the ability to say “Hey Siri water my grass”… You don’t have to do that with Rachio3, daily flex and weather intelligence…

However, it’s a advertised feature that should work… Like myself. Many people waited for Homekit integration before buying a Rachio3. Most that did buy a Rachio 3 have since found out that Homekit integration is “Not All That”


Same issue… It never was an issue with iOS 12.1, then it started when upgrading everything to iOS 12.2.

I have friends with a Rachio where it’s not an issue so have been trying to figure out what might be unique in my situation. After seeing your screenshot, I wonder if it’s because we have multiple HomeKit hubs (I see you have a HomePod and an Apple TV). I have a HomePod and Apple TV x2. As a test I just went through the annoyance of resetting it (once again) and adding it to HomeKit and then I just disabled both Apple TVs as far as being used as a hub. Wondering if it’s something going on when one hub hands off to the other and then it gets confused about what happened to the hub.

Anyway, just a theory… might try using just your HomePod as the hub (can’t easily disable the HomePod as a hub, but it’s a setting on Apple TV). Just curious that it’s also happening to you and we both have multiple hubs and all my friends that it works fine with have a single HomeKit hub.


We received a new HomeKit firmware version from our WiFi vendor that could help with a lot of these issues. Will take some time to test and validate. We will inform everyone when it will be released.



Which Wifi Vendor are you using?

I too am seeing intermittent disconnects. The only way to get things working again with HomeKit is a Powercycle. The Rachio App and Web connection work fine and are connected with no problems to the controller.


I am fairly convinced that this may be a channel issue 2.4 vs 5ghz… If we wait for a update from Rachio to work through Apple eco-system, I am confident it will all come out in the wash…


Homekit connection has failed recently. Had no problems until a couple of weeks ago. Removed controller and reconfigured, but “No Response” appears on Home app within a few minutes of adding Gen3 controller as accessory.