Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)

It appears to set DTIM to 1. You could of course do this manually on each AP. But it appears this is a blanket setting.

There might be more it changes, but that’s what I found in a thread on the UniFi forum.

Interesting. Yeah, setting DTIM to 1 is all anybody’s found it appears to do.

It would seem Rachio 3 owners weren’t the only ones to have experienced “issues” following one of Ubiquiti’s UniFi firmware updates. And others found changing that setting solved their problems, too.

What I don’t get is why this should be so, unless one of their firmware updates set DTIM to an inadvisedly high default value.

Whatever the case: Ubiquiti has a bad habit of arbitrarily changing things in updates without warning their existing user base they’re doing it. That’s one reason I switched-out our UniFi AP AC Pro for an EnGenius AP and why I’ve always been very, very careful about applying firmware updates to my ERLite-3 router.

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Is this an option only if you are using the same SSID for 5 and 2.4? I have an SSID for 2.4 only and don’t see that option. I am also on 6.2.26.

EDIT: Found it in the UniFi app on my phone, not sure if its just me but I dont see the option to enable this in the web GUI.

@alexrodriguez you are correct. I logged into the WebUI for my unifi controller and this option is NOT visible there. It is only visible via the IOS app.

As an update…we had big storms last night and everything lost power. Rachio came back online with no manual intervention and is working in HomeKit. So this setting DTIM=1 either directly on the AP’s or via that IOT unifi setting, definitely overcomes the challenges in the rachio implementation…but rachio does need to get this update out the door. The science experiment of getting this to work has been like getting really awesome at changing a spare tire…

Its probably overkill but my home hub (atv) now also has a DHCP reservation in the unifi controller also.

Thanks for the updates, @dane

As we can’t comment any updates in the updates forum I’m copying it over here so we can comment on it.

I’m actually getting hopeful.
I’ve finally got mine working to the point of not having to add it back in, but it still drops off of HomeKit but fixes itself now.

I do hope they share with us what the problem was.

daneCS Manager @ Rachio


08/06/2021 Update

Incorporating a new Apple Development Kit (5.3) into the firmware. The Apple engineering team is recommending this as it might correct the disconnect issues customers are experiencing.

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That sounds promising

Can you share what you may have done different to get yours working?

I attribute my successful Rachio HomeKit connection to my Synology AC 2600 mesh router. The only thing special I have done out of the box is assign a high priority to the Rachio. Rachio connects to both 2.4 and 5GHz networks. It never drops and always reconnects after power failures etc.… Has been rocksolid for the past year. Everything on my network started working better with Synology after retiring my Apple router.

I have a ubiquiti UniFi mesh network.

How can I get the old firmware? Just bought Rachio but it’s a 2019

And oddly mine has been rock solid every since I turned off IP6 in my gateway.

I’m still using five old Airport basestaions all hard wired to my gateway.


well…I thought it was past all of this. For no reason at all my Rachio just did the “no response” in homekit and now im back to square one. Wont add in, cant find it to manually add it.

No settings were changed…just the day of the week.

Hi @Tzterri I want to let you know that we will share a high level root cause of the HK issue once we have completed our investigation. We do not want to speculate the cause of the issue until we have successfully resolved


Need to get more resources to fix this issue. 10+ months in in beta testing and yet to see anything remotely fixed (been sitting 2 months with the beta, can’t even add Rachio to home kit. Doesn’t find it when manually entering code. Emailed people on how to fix it, nothing. So can’t really even contribute to this beta testing). Complete mess

Dane, this is great news. Thank you. For those of us that participated in the previous beta, and still have the beta firmware that doesn’t work at all, will you guys be able to push the updated firmware to us? (when you figure out a fix)

So you are saying that yours is still working ok? Please check in. Also, please submit this thread to Guiness World Records for longest ongoing dialog on a technical issue.

On behalf of @Macsterguy everything is perfect! His Rachio and HomeKit live in virtual nirvana.

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Don’t forget me :grin:

Mine added to HomeKit and stayed connected to it, flawlessly, for the month I had them connected. (I’ve since removed all accessories from HomeKit, deleted the Home instance, and moved the iPhone/iPad app off to a corner. Even had I kept using HomeKit, I didn’t find the Rachio 3 being added particularly useful.)

In all this noise, what some of y’all have failed to notice is that, for something y’all seem to think is so common, it appears to have taken Apple’s people three weeks to replicate. (Based on the date at which Rachio announced Apple’s people were looking into it and the date it was announced they’d finally managed to replicate the problem.) IOW: Apple’s people had to work at it to get it to fail.



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