Rachio 3 controller will not power on

My Rachio 3 controller has been worked great since I got it, But today I just look at my Rachio 3 controllerand it is dead. It is not powered on. The blue LED light bar that is always on is off. The power supply is good. I checked the power supply output at the plug and it is putting out 24 to 25 Volts AC. I plugged it into the controller and nothing. What is the warranty?

Rachio 3 won't power on This thread suggests cutting power and leaving it unplugged for a while then plug it back in. In the thread it says Rachio 3 has a resettable fuse. I hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I tested the power supply and it is good. I also left it unplugged for several hours and it still would not power up. I emailed Rachio support and Alex responded very quickly. We determined the controller failed. He sent me a replacement controller. I received it yesterday. I am very please with Rachio support and Alex was great…Thank You.

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