Rachio 3 cannot connect to Wi-Fi


My controller is seeing the wifi network but will not connect. It keeps giving the whoops we can’t connect message. It is a 2.4ghz network and has good strength.

EDIT: looks like it is updating the firmware a second time. I will advise if it connects after that.



I can have one of our engineers review your account if it does not successfully connect the controller.



Thanks. I will let you know. It updated the firmware then couldn’t connect now it is trying to update the firmware again.

Taking an excessivly long time to update the firmware.


@franz I might need help. it is getting to the third section when updating the firmware, flashing red once, then goes back to flashing blue. then it seems to go back to the second, then 1st then repeats

It has been stuck on updating firmware for about 15 minutes now.



Ok, working with engineering team, one sec.


@franz got it working. Apparently it was my router so I just hooked it to the wi-fi on the gateway instead of the router behind it and it is working now. Thanks.



Awesome to hear that! This will be helpful for future users. Have a great week!



@franz Yeah I have a Asus RT-AC88U behind a Motorola gateway with uverse set up for passthrough (essentially the gateway is just a passthrough and none of my devices actually connect to it. I have NAT on the Asus router. Usually don’t have an issue with it but guess the Rachio didn’t like it for some reason.

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I had the same problem: Rachio 3 could not connect successfully with a FIOS Router. I told tech support I was running through a WiFi repeater (mine is a Netgear Nighthawk), but no one told me the solution above which was to connect to FIOS router directly. I tried everything: making rachio DMZ, lowering firewall security, setting up a guest network, etc… and nothing worked. 8-10 hours of troubleshooting including ultimately re-wiring my Fios access point to another area of the house closer to my Rachio and it finally worked. I’m now looking forward to see what the Rachio can do.

Franz and Rachio tech support: make this a high priority bulletin for all new customers. I was so frustrated with the Rachio that I almost had my sprinkler system installer take it back and give me a regular (non WiFi) controller. Seems Rachio needs to be in the home network business as much as the Smart sprinkler controller business. Get your helpdesk people to know the ins and outs of Fios and Comcast home routers intimately and you will save customers a lot of frustration.