Rachio 3 - Australia - Setup

Hi Community,

I just received my gen 3 today and need to confirm two things.

  1. The 24V AC 1amp brick. I’m about to solder the Rachio plug to the unit from Jaycar, does the polarity of the wires matter?

  2. The solution for disabling the Lora antenna, by dropping a bit of solder over the two points. Has this been confirmed to work?

Thanks in advance for you assistance.

Sorry to bump, but trying to avoid someone making the same mistake I did.

The adapter that Loren linked is NOT suitable for Rachio. Rachio requires an AC-AC adapter. The AC-DC adapter Loren linked will cause issues with your Solenoids (I learnt the hard way).

Refer to this thread:

In Australia, searching Google for “AC2410” should get you what you want. Here are some I found (yet to receive one to verify):

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Thanks @Rawr

I just picked up this power supply from Jaycar which should do the job.
Jaycar - MP3032

Just grabbed one of these right angle plugs which I’ll solder on.
Jaycar - PP0514

Hope this helps.