Rachio 3 and Shipping Dates

Hey everyone–

I wanted to step in and provide some insight about Rachio 3 and shipping. We would like to apologize for all of the confusion, miscommunication, and lack of transparency around Rachio 3 shipping.

During preorders, we gave an estimated shipping date of April. We chose not to give a specific date in case any hiccups occurred internally or with our manufacturing and shipping partners.

Preorders exceeded our expectations, and while we were very happy about this, we realized we had some work to do in order to support this. We made sure to kick it up a notch in regards to production and had to move our estimated shipping start date back to April 30th. We released this announcement on the community around April 19th.

This week, we are shipping out controllers in mass to catch up with our hiccup. We’re shipping up to 500 controllers (the max we can do) every day until we’re caught up. When your controller ships, you’ll receive an email with shipping and tracking information.

We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication here and we hope that the product we’ve created for you will make up for our mistake.

For fun, here’s some pics of one of many lines where the “sausage being made” at our manufacturing plant in Loveland, CO! THE RACHIO 3 WAVE IS COMING! :ocean:

McKynzee :rachio:


I’d also like to emphasize that everything is designed, built, assembled, and packaged in the US :us:

As a company we are very proud to support local job building and sustainibility.



Thanks @mckynzee. Though I haven’t received yet shipment or notification for my pre-ordered Rachio Gen 3 combo, this certainly helps. Hoping see the shipping email in next few days…


agree, its good too remain entertained while awaiting your product. :slight_smile:


That’s cool @mckynzee @franz thanks for the insight. Yesterday I got the shipping notification email :slight_smile: Can’t wait to start testing :slight_smile: Specially the new “Weather Intelligence” :eyeglasses:


Pic of a truck of Rachio 3s going out today :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks @laura.bauman! Did 16zone units were also shipped last week i.e starting 4/30 or only 8 zones?

@arulalanrb - 16 zones are next week. See ->


Will preorders be caught up this week? I’m REALLY needing mine; new sod and need multiple watering times each day. My old controller is toast…a shipping date will give me hope. THANKS!

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16’s shipped this monday 5/6 or next monday?

@randyb - based on the posting I’m expecting 5/7 was the first day that 16 zone units would ship.

Hey @randyb

Yep :slight_smile: 16s are shipping today and throughout the week.

-Lo :rachio:

Ordered 16 zone back in March. Still nada.

I just got an email for my 16 zone that it will ship before the 21st… Ordered on the 6th. Their shipping estimates suck.

Just now received an email stating my 16 zone will ship no later than May 11th. For the record, I filled out the priority shipment form and ordered back on 3/24. Don’t have a tracking number yet but says once it ships I should receive the device 2-4 days later.

Received my shipping notification just now. Ordered April 1st, 16zone.:smiley:

Not your fault, but that royally pisses me off. I ordered a 16 zone on March 27th. I happened to be online the minute the priority shipping email came through and filled it out within minutes of receiving it. And all I have is an email saying it will ship by May 11th, which I don’t really trust either. I’ll believe it when I see it. This has not been a pleasurable introduction to this company and their product. I really hope this product lives up to they hype. And if I ever need it, I hope the customer service also lives up to their reputation. Because those are the reasons I bought this product anyway.

@Moobs - while I hear Rachio support is great (I’ve never had to use them), the community on this forum is what makes the product. There are folks on here that are really into irrigation. If one wants to squeeze every ounce out of a Rachio, it does take time, energy and effort to understand what the parameters of the actual sprinkler system installed in the ground are (i.e. catch cup audit), along with the soil and plant needs. Many existing sprinkler systems (mine included) are sub-optimally installed.


My 16 zone shipped today and will be here Thursday. Ordered on 3/24, gen 3 and filled out priority shipping form.