Rachio 3.0? Still this year?

Curious how the development of Rachio 3.0 (the software, not a generation 3 hardware) is going? It seemed that 3.0 was going to be the largest update to the software since day 1 and would allow for far more flexibility in scheduling irrigation while increasing accuracy and creating opportunities for far more accurate linking to local personal weather stations. Originally it was stated the plan was to get it ready for the spring 2017 season but it seems the private beta began around then instead. How is the beta going? Anything that can be shared either on predicted release date for the public (this year still?) or the new features we can look forward to?



I wish they would tell us. My hope is a new body will come out with an LCD display and at the controller operation. This is a must for Rachio to sell to contractors. It is not an issue for me, but contractors have told me Rachio is too complex. Basically they are too lazy to learn or they have workers who cannot understand.

If and when a Gen 3 comes out, I hope it’s the same form factor, so that i can just pull my Gen 2 out of it’s outdoor enclosure and pop the new one in. I’d hate to mount all new stuff over again.

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My guess if they roll out a new version it will be at the Irrigation Show in Orlando. That is during early December.

I believe it’s software only

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I haven’t heard of anything hardware related. It is Version 3 of the software that is due out. Pretty sure @franz has specifically said they are very happy with Gen 2 of the hardware at this time…

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