Quick Run default

Quick run default of 3 minutes for my Rachio 3 controllers has never met my needs and on my recently purchased Rachio hose end timers I stumbled across a setting where I can change QR default and it is great! However I can’t find such a setting on in the Rachio app for my R3s. I found a community thread from 2018 on this topic but nothing recent. Why can’t we have access to same feature on the R3 controller?

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Great Question.
Seems development has moved on from the Rachio 3 and they are 200% into this Hose Timer they are promoting… All the app updates recently have been geared towards that gadget. Shame they have abandoned fixing the algorithm of the Rachio 3 Sprinkler Controller, and failed to add user suggestions.

Maybe Rachio 4 will incorporate these things, who knows…


Now if only Rachio would add the anti water hammer feature the controller has to the hose timers. Those things close with a serious bang.

The anti-hammer feature turns the next zone on before turning the current zone off. It does not prevent hammer at the very start of a schedule and at the very end of it, it does not even extend across back to back schedules running one after the other. With that said, how would this feature work for the hose timer? In order to prevent the hammer, the hose timer valve would have to open and close slowly to prevent the water rush and sudden stop that are creating the hammer in the first place. Unfortunately, this would require hardware that is capable of slow opening and closing, not just software. I don’t think such a feature is ever coming to the hose timer, sorry…

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Did not know this. Thanks