Please allow us to define "quick run" duration for panel buttons

Yesterday our irrigation company came to do some repairs. By repairs I mean replace half the damn system. :joy: :money_with_wings: :weary: :money_with_wings: :joy: Twenty-five Hunter I-20 rotor heads were no longer adjustable due to mud/grime buildup or just being broken and about 20 had to be raised up to the loom line as they had sunk over the years. We’ve lived here two years and inherited the system. I didn’t have the time/ambition to tackle it myself with other ongoing projects. Anyway… that should be good for a few years. At least my wallet hopes so. :crossed_fingers:t2:

The company issues its employees flip phones. Yes, those still exist. Needless to say there’s no way to give these guys access to our Gen 2 with a flip phone. They were happy to see Gen 2 has buttons on the panel. However, every time they ran a zone from the panel buttons it only lasted 3 minutes. This often meant leaving one of the two employees at the panel to keep zones running instead of both of them being able to be out flagging things or other tasks at the same time. The labor costs are per person per hour ($79/person per hour for this company) so every minute saved is literal :moneybag: back in our pocket. With two guys on site every minute saved is $2.63. I’d prefer to not buy a cheap android tablet and put it on my Wi-Fi for them.

I guess this is a really long way of asking for the ability to define how long panel button initiated zone runs last. Is this something we could have added to the Controller Settings area of the app?

You have a good point. Typical controller run time for most system check is 2 minutes. 3 minutes is nice and 5 or 10 would be better for rotors.

I had customers that used to leave out an old I pad to use on their Gen 1 controllers since there was no user interface and people were not comfortable in giving out their wi fi credentials in Beverly Hills.

Gen 2 was nice when they could do the “Share” feature.

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It’s irrigation opening day in 2020 and I’ll give you one guess what I’d still like to be able to do. :slight_smile:

Please oh please let us edit the quick run duration. :beers: