Pws question

i just put a pws online yesterday! KKYPROSP19

how long before i can select it in rachio?

Seems like you are talking about weather underground station, unfortunately it is not supported by rachio directly.

What you can do is sign up for weather underground api here (link). It will default to a free stratus developer plan. This is the one you want. (when asked how you wish to use it, you can specify “website” and for the website address).

Next you can set up a free station, this is somewhat similar to weather underground, just make sure you specify location coordinates which you can than find via rachio, they have a handy tool to do this via address.

You can then make up a custom URL for use with, it will look something like this

This custom URL will now transfer the latest data point from weather underground to pwsweather each time URL is requested.

Finally can automate this process to run every five minutes or so via (use custom wufyi URL when setting up the cron-job).

If you do all this, you will soon see your pwsweather station available to your rachio. Whole process should take about 10 minutes and has a benefit of being free.


it’s an accurite weather station, is there a more direct integration?

Alas acurite does not support pwsweather or other weather networks supported by rachio and it is uncertain when, if ever, they will.

thanks gene. This does seem like a slightly better route then the bridge approach.

got this setup! Just have to wait a little bit to see if it populates over to Rachio