German station disaster

Hello there,

We are planning to use your System in Germany near Hamburg.
I have red that you use data from PWS and National Stations.

I couldn’t find any nearer station on than Hamburg, which is a big city,
so the actual station could be 40km away. The next PWS HARALDHH in HenstedtUlzburgDE 24558 is around 20km away.

Question is, are there any nearer stations and if not, will the PWS HARALDHH deliver good enough data for the System to work properly?

We live in Ahrensburg 22926 and we don’t plan to install our own weather station any time soon. The other technical solutions via PC/Mac are also not a solution.

Appreciate your help!

You can use data from Weather Underground, such as this one:

Here is a small introduction about how to choose a Weather Underground station:

And here is how you can link a Weather Underground station to the pwsweather network for free, making it available to your Rachio:



I’m having a hard time finding a good station with rain + wind information in your area, but as far as I know Rachio doesn’t currently use wind data, so you are best off choosing a station with a good rain data.


Thank you so much for! Your Support Community rocks!