PWS issues

Last week I posted this screen shot of data from the PWS I had been using for quite a while.

So many waterings:

Obviously, the predicted temps for this week are off. Way off! :scream:Think 120F in my garden yesterday afternoon.

I changed stations and once again was surprised when I received notifications this morning that the controller Ethel wasn’t going to go to work. “Based on weather conditions, the next scheduled watering time for Zone 3 Cudzu on your Ethel controller will be skipped.”

All zones were skipped.

Here is the screen shot from the gold star station I switched to:

I refreshed my phone and tablet, but am not seeing a change.

Oh, how I wish the high for today would be cloudy and 77!


Hey @sunny! Can you post the links for the station you were previously using and the station you switched to?