So many waterings


BTW, our new Doodle puppy is named Wilbur… :grin:


Same here, I grew up in north scottsdale but I wanted to get away

My wife is a Boilermaker and all of her family. I’m driving her hand-me down jeep right now with a Purdue sticker and license plate holder. Fortunately, I win in any discussion on where our kids are going… all I have to do is look up what tuition is there and end of discussion.


Cute, but you should have named him Mo. You would’ve had your very own Modawg.


Per @Modawg2k’s post, it’s Purdue University. The mascot (Purdue Pete) is a Boilermaker. I guess in the late 1800’s engineering involved a lot of forging of metal, so a local paper called the football team a bunch of boiler makers. The name Purdue Boilermakers stuck. The mascot isn’t as sexy as a Wildcat or a Sun Devil, but if you squint your eyes and concentrate on the hammer he starts to look like Thor.


Well that’s an unexpected but cool coincidence ! Your wife must be a good woman. Is she from Indiana ?


Imagine my surprise when yesterday, I got a notification that “Based on weather and soil conditions, the next scheduled watering time for Zone 4 Front on your Ethel controller will be skipped.”

I thought that odd, but it was a crazy-busy day and I didn’t look into it until today. I don’t know about the rest of you Zonies, but I’m not worrying about the heat like you all are. My part of the Valley will be very nice. Maybe even some rain.:wink:

PWS issues

You obvisouly aren’t Phoenix Valley @sunny!!!


P. S. I was here for the 122 degree June day that set the record. We had just spent a week in the cool mountains of Southwestern Colorado and made it home the day before the record-breaking temp.

And I’ve got the t-shirt to prove it. :laughing:


Yep, I’m a Zonie, too. It seems that weather station just took a vacation to someplace cooler than here! I’ll have to find another.


I remember being a the Boy Club that day, they only had swamp coolers. I was a kid though so i didn’t really care


I would’ve been surprised that the notification decided to call my controller Ethel! :wink:


LOL. During set-up, instructions said, “name your controller”, so I did.

One is Ethel, the other, George.


This killed me


The PWS that I use is only a couple blocks from my home. I was checking in on it right now because of today’s heat and it’s pumping out 122 degrees right now. That’s the hottest temp reading out of all the pwsweather stations in Phoenix right now. Deer Valley Airport is 115. Should I be a bit skeptical of the numbers this pws by me puts out from now on? It usually seems spot on with everything, but at 122, it’s not even the hottest part of the day.

Are there certain factors that would cause this thing to be wrong? I know people love to put thermometers in direct sun to bump up the temp readings. Does direct sunlight cause these pws’s to vary? I really don’t know anything about them.


Holy hell. Thought it was hot here. But at least you don’t have the humidity.


Here’s what the airport station is reporting.


I’m just going to assume that on normal days this PWS does fine, it’s this crazy day that is causing it to go higher than normal


Do you think that the PWS is installed somewhere along the lines of this recommendation??

If not maybe that’s part of the problem. This is the reason that I never went the route of getting my own PWS. I was afraid that I didn’t have the space to install it such that it would be accurate enough.


Here’s the house in question. I’ve never gone over there to look at the setup. Maybe someday when I won’t melt, I’ll go over and check it out


If it’s installed close to a stucco wall or some concrete somewhere I could see a false high reading being likely. Maybe monitor it for a few days to see how consistent the delta is between an outdoor temp sensor that you might have and whatever the PWS is registering.