Pump for 5 zones and public water for 1 zone

Interested in Rachio and I want to confirm I can install and use either gen 2 or 3 with 5 zones that are on a lake pump and 1 zone (drip) on public water. Yes, I currently have the pump relay and understand that system. Just wanted insight as to if Rachio now supports a multi source setup for different zones. Thanks!

@Lthomps4 - If I understand the question correctly, the Rachio app currently (v.3.41) does not support a pump start relay option PER zone. One can easily add a ~$7.00 normally closed relay with a 24 V AC coil to interrupt the pump start relay when zone 5 is running.

See ->

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Thank you. I did find that article. I guess I was confirming the solution has not been presented with software yet. I am a little skittish on setting it up much less adding relay interrupters etc. I guess I better man up and give it a shot as it looks fairly simple on paper. Appreciate the response.

@Lthomps4 - it is very simple. I one can squeeze pliers then one can crimp on the female spade connectors (I’d go ahead an buy the crimping tool if you don’t already have one). The rest is just connecting the dots (connections).

I don’t mean to speak for @Gene, either one of us (or others) can walk you through this.

Rachio connections:

M terminal - goes to the common connector in the Normally Closed relay.
Pump start relay (which is currently in the M terminal on the Rachio) goes to the Normally Closed connection on the relay. And actually the two wires (M and Pump start relay) can be swapped in this configuration.
Zone 5 - two connections here - one goes to the actual solenoid for zone 5 the other goes to one side of the coil connection on the relay (doesn’t matter which one).
C(ommon) - connect the other side of the coil connection on the relay to the C(ommon) port for a complete circuit - again it doesn’t matter which side of the coil is connected to Zone 5 and which is connected to C(ommon).

If the reduce water hammer option is on, the for zone 4 it will just drain out the pressure in the piping system when zone 5 turns on and immediately shuts off the pump start relay. If the reduce water hammer option is not specified, then nothing will change.