Is there a way to have the pump relay turn on only for specific zones


I think you just unloaded on another customer, not a Rachio employee. Did you mean Emil?


Yup! Apologies @vinayg!


Did you see the flex option came back? They are listening. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and there were far more ppl asking for flex to come back.

There were also far more ppl asking for something easier than flex.

They also listened to the users and added the ability to add/remove zones from the fixed schedules.

They also added the ability to leverage the co setting for flex schedules to align it with wan, at customers request.

There are far more systems that need a pump to,run all zones than systems that need a pump for some zones. Currently they are working on a more sophisticated scheduler to oil the next most squeaky wheel…the ppl that have legal ramifications for watering on days they are not supposed to when using a flex.

I understand your frustration but there are also a lot of ppl asking to graph multiple iros onto the same schedule and they have not gotten their request either. But in due time.

There is also a good deal of backend rework to handle some big issues on the backlog.

It’s the hardest pet of being a start up, selecting the least tolerant thing to tackle next.


Thanks @plainsane, couldn’t have said it better myself. @Scotcro I just want to emphasize the amount of effort that goes into to adding one feature into 6 different code bases (iOS/Android/Web/Gen 1 firmware/Gen 2 firmware/Cloud). Now add in testing, UX, support, development, etc. and it is very much a prioritization and resource problem.

I’d love to get every feature asked for by our community but then the real world materializes. Our team is growing every month to continue to deliver amazing software, but it does take time.

We are moving as quick as we can and eventually will add in the brunt of these features that make a lot of sense to expand our customer footprint.



@franz & @plainsane, Obviously I know the “Squeaky Wheel gets the Grease”. I also know how trivial Boolean based features can be, no matter what the development environment. There is very little “Logic” to this feature. Simply bind a checkbox UI element to either a boolean in each Zone Object/Data Structure, or map to a bit in a single global 16 bit integer (2^Zone gets the bit weight of each Zone). Then when deciding to turn the Pump output on or off, XOR individual Zone boolean with the Pump enable Boolean. Little impact, little testing. This is what I call “Low Hanging Fruit”


Thank you for bringing this topic up again. Given that the price of rid-o-rust is almost like buying liquid Gold, I am almost about to give up on using the Rachio controller. With the Rachio is place, my rid-o-rust consumption has gone up 5x, and counters any $savings in water. It may be time to go back to my old Hunter Pro-C controller.It was reliable and did its job.
If being a squeaky wheel gets this must have feature in place, then I can write a comment asking for an update everyday however as you said earlier I don’t think this feature is in their plans at all.


I am also interested in an update on this potential feature.


I don’t know the cost of the rust stuff, and this solution is probably less than Ideal, but could you but a second Rachio (gen 1) for $149 and use one controller for your rust zones, and the other for non-rust.

Again, just stating a work-around and not solving the issue at hand.


Not in defense of anyone but why don’t you have development for “advanced” features on the internet / web only. I don’t think anyone really wants to configure things like pump relay on separate zones on every device.

A lot of applications require you to go on online to do “full” configuration.

Just a thought.



I would also be interested in this feature as I do not need my booster pump running on certain zones


I’m wondering if there has been any update on this? I am currently in the process of building a new home (my IRO stayed at the house I just sold) and would like to install an IRO with my new (and better designed) irrigation system, but lack of zone by zone pump relay control will be a reason to force me to another solution.


@jmeyendorff - I came up with this solution for another community member -> Multiple pumps one controller?

This same process could be used to just pair the zones that need a pump relay with the pump relay at a cost of ~$6.00 per zone that needs to work with the pump relay.

As far as a software solution - I have no idea what will be in V3 or when that version will be released, nor do I think that Rachio will comment (they haven’t been) on either topic.


Control of the pump individually by zone could be accomplished more inexpensively and compactly using triacs instead of relays. If Rachio chooses not to implement individual pump control by zone, I may design a hardware component that could be added to give this control if there would be enough interest. If you would be interested, please like this comment.


As stated above, this feature is very needed. I use a Rid o Rust system and did not realize that Rachio can not support it. I have a large yard and it will cost several hundred dollars a year worth of wasted chemicals if it is not added. My neighbors were really impressed with my Rachio when it was installed last year BUT when I told them about this limitation it ended the interest. We all have 2 acre yards and can not waste that much money on chemicals.

Is this feature on your product roadmap.


@csh12m - if you only need to use the Rid o Rust system on a few zones, follow the link in my post above for an easy and inexpensive way to accomplish this with Rachio (until they add the feature).



I have read your post a few times, I think calling it easy is relative. I am not an electrical engineer, that is a complex fix with multiple exposed wires for me to rip off my garage wall. This would be a relatively easy feature to add to the program. It must be on a development list? I wish we could at least get a plausible time frame. If I rewire anything it will be my old controller and my Rachio will go to Craigslist. Both my neighbors would own the system now if this feature existed. We all live in a country sub and have iron in the water.


I came up with an alternative solution. Because I had only one zone for which I didn’t want my booster pump to run, I added one normally-closed relay to that zone that interrupts the pump circuit when that one zone is running.

The relay I used was a Jard 92380. The core is wired to the target zone and common, terminal 5 goes to the M terminal on Rachio and terminal 6 goes to the wire to the pump relay. This works perfectly, but I still think this feature should be on the roadmap.

Pump for 5 zones and public water for 1 zone

@csh12m - I’m not an electrical engineer either. The current running through the wiring is only 24 VAC, so low voltage. If found your other post where you stated that only two zones need the Rid o Rust to be running. That would be two approximately $6 relay switches, some 24 gauge wire and some female spade connectors to connect the relays. I think it is easily within the average persons grasp and capability.

Yes, it could be done in the software. I have no idea where the item is on the feature list. Rachio does listen to their customers as evidenced by the well delay that had been requested and is now in V3 and the bringing back of Flex when it was removed. Rachio rebuilt the back-end systems last year to support new features, so maybe the back-end could support it now and it is getting into the UI with a good UX.


I am also interested in this feature. I have some very large zones that are using high volume rotors and some zones using drip hose and I would only like the pump to run when the higher volume zones are running to ensure I don’t damage the pump with the pressure reduction devices on the drip line zones.


Hunter Pro C has this feature. Maybe this will help the next person looking to buy one.