Power Cycling

Had Rachio 3 installed Friday, replacing an old Rain Bird.

I had to re-connect to the internet because my unit lost wifi. However, looking at the app and the unit keeps power cycling.

Any ideas why it is power cycling so much?

I’m having the same issue. I haven’t experienced as many power cycles as you. I’m also loosing connection too.

I’ve had my Rachio for 4 days and I already have had to reset the wifi because it is offline. I don’t think a device should power cycle like this. Why would it turn itself on and off.

Are you utilizing the original power brick that came with the unit? If so, I’d contact Rachio support.

@Gene is a bit more of an expert when it comes to the internals of the Rachio, but I think there is an overload circuit in the unit that can trip and cause a power cycle. Not saying that is for sure it, but just a thought. With the thousands and thousands of units Rachio sends out, there is always a chance of a dud unit.

Yep, using the original power brick.

More power cycles.

Unit installed Friday. I’ve been emailing support everyday since Saturday and no response. I need to call them but think it would be useless to call Rachio while I am at work and not at the unit. Extremely disappointed with this Unit. One of my patients has a huge landscaping company and he recomended the Rachio. But so so far the constant power cycles and not keeping wifi for longer than a day make the Rachio pretty useless.

I have a theory, I could be very wrong though, so take this with a grain of salt. How far away is a Wireless Access Point/Router? I have a theory that the Rachio will power cycle if it can’t connect to the internet after some time or after many failed attempts.

Rachio 3 is probably 25 to 30 feet from Router.

It’s been frustrating that support has not responded to my emails. I’ve sent an email every day since Saturday with no response. I was not able to reach support by phone today but got through via the chat. I sent the support all the screen shots of the power cycles and loss of wifi. I just looked on my app, and the unit is offline again. It is not holding WiFi, probably due to all the power cycles. I have an Orbi 960 Mesh system with 3 satellites. I have enough coverage for a 12,000 sq ft house. My house is 5,000 sq ft. I can walk the dogs and get wifi 3 houses down. I have a strong signal in my garage. My EV charger (in the garage further from the router) and Ring cameras in my front yard never lose wifi.

Tech support looked at my account and is going to send me new power adapter. I just saw the RMA email, but Rachio is sending me a Gen 2 black adaptor. I have a Rachio 3, and it is a white power adaptor.

Everything about my experience has been frustrating and disappointing.

And the Rachio is offline again.

Have you tried a factory reset? That’s usually the next step in the world of IT. Again, this might not work. Also, do you have any kind of restrictions or firewall setup on your network?

Have not done a factory reset. Rachio is sending me a Gen 2 power adaptor.

I don’t have any restrictions or f firewalls set up on router.

I installed the replacement power adaptor yesterday at 9 p.m. It did not work. Here are the power cycles when I checked this morning at 5:30 a.m.

Still having issues with power cycles, and the unit goes offline. The new power adapter did not solve any issues. I’ve emailed support every day for a week with no response.

I got an email from Dane, from this help forum. I emailed him, and he was going to have Suport Management team call me. They never did. :rage:

I’m thinking I should of just stayed with my Rain Bird and turned it off when we were expecting rain


From Rachio website:

Unparalleled Support

We’ve got your questions covered and top-notch customer support.

Support has been very lacking.

Factory reset with tech support, then got unit back on Wifi. Tech Support via chat looked at my event log and are sending me a new Rachio.

Hopefully, I just got a lemon unit.

Well, I don’t know Rachio sales stats, but I can guarantee that there are thousands and thousands of units out there, and this certainly isn’t a normal behavior.

I called in yesterday on the phone. I asked for a Support Manager. I was told they don’t accept inbound calls but that a Support Manager would call me that day. Never called. I have 7 emails to support that have never been answered. I’ve been told twice that a Support Manager would call me but that never happened.

Have you try to connect the Rachio controller without the access point to see if stay connected to your network it sounds like one of your access point is interfering with the Rachio controller