Power Cycling

The Rachio was connecting to the Router. The Router is the closest to the Racio. I have a EV charger 20 feet further and ring cameras 25 feet further than the Rachio and they don’t lose connection. Just looked at my Orbi router and the Rachio is back online but it is connected to a satellite that is upstairs.

@Myosin - in one of the pictures you posted I see that you have airplane mode enabled I think that could be maybe the problem here since flight mode it’s designed to turn off all the Bluetooth Wi-Fi cellular and data

Connection on your mobile device which might otherwise interfere with various devices

I turned Airplane mode ON when I am reconectting the Rachio to WiFi. It says to turn ON airplane mode first then runs you through the reconnection sequence to get back on WiFi.

I never have my cell phone in Airplane mode , unless I am on an Airplane! :slight_smile:

My new Unit is supposed to be delivered Wednesday, May 17 by 7:00 P.M.

New replacement unit was installed. Fingers crossed.

AND… we are offline.

New unit. Different power outlet. Same power cycle issues.

40 minutes into the tech support phone call, they are sending a THIRD unit. I should of never updated my old school Rain Bird that worked for 15 years and no issues.

Dane I guess is a moderator here. He has been the only one to email me back. I send him an email today. Looks like he forwarded it to support. They just replied with a generic email.

Hello Dane,

I’m sorry for the long wait, we’ve been experiencing a massive number of requests at this time of the year. I really appreciate your patience!

​I have shared your feedback with our operations team to take into account as we work to improve our handling of these types of situations. We are committed to continuously improving, and we always address the areas where we fall short. Please rest assured that your concern has been heard.

My apologies for this frustrating experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if there’s anything else I can do for you today.


Mauricio C.
Rachio Support

The second unit at least ran the sprinklers last night. The 3rd Unit is coming on Wednesday. Still doing the powercycle thing. None of my other wifi enabled smart devices have any issues at all with wifi. I have a kick ass wifi Orbi mesh system at my house. Extremely strong wifi signal that even goes several houses away.

Two units were installed. After Tech Support looked at their servers RMAed the units. The QC on the Rachio is not very good if I have had two brand new units that are defective.

I was on the phone with tech support for 40 minutes, troubleshooting the problems with the second unit. Then tech support said they were going to RMA this unit. I have not even dropped of the first RMA to UPS yet. I guess I will wait to send both defective units back at the same time.

Support wants me to “ground” my unit.

Hello Michael

Thank you for reaching back to us

We apologize for the delay in our response, we are currently experiencing a high volume of emails this season.

The GFCI outlet won’t have the same grounded screw in front, so it’s going to be necessary to wire it differently like to the inside of the outlet (directly to the ground post) and that is a dangerous task to do on your own, so for this task, we would recommend reaching out to a professional electrician. In addition, the pro can also ground it to a metal breaker panel in case it is closed or insert the wire directly in the ground pin.


Erick E.
Rachio Support

Mike C​ here from Rachio Support.

I would like to start by apologizing for the issues that you’ve been having with the controller getting stuck on Light 1. I understand that this is a concern because you should not have to replace the controller after a couple of months.

When there are multiple light 1 cases, this could be that the controller is located in a place with electromagnetic interference, which damages the board. To help mitigate that, we can add a grounding wire to the controller. To do this, what you will need to do is have a wire go from the screw on the power outlet (which should be grounded) and connect it to the 24 VAC - terminal on the controller. I’ve attached an example of how to do it.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns, we will be happy to help.

What in the heck? Electromagnetic interference that damages the circuit board? To me, that is just CRAZY. My Alexa and EV charger are in the garage. Their circuit boards are not getting fried from Electromagnetic Interference.

Well, I almost tend to agree with Rachio here that with now 2 units having the exact same issue, lets possibly look outside of the unit for a cause. With the thousands and thousands of perfectly functioning units out in the market, the chance of you getting 2 bad units has to be astronomical.

I’m sure your EV is plugged in at night, but for the power cycles that are mid day, do you have your EV plugged in then as well?

@tmcgahey I have only plugged my car into my home EV charger once, in December of 2022. I installed a EV charger at my Dental Office and charge there. The Rachio was installed 19 days ago.

The supposed “electromagnetic interference” has never made my garage Alexa or EV charger go offline. Nor have the circuit boards been fried. My Ring cameras that are out in my yard, are much further from my Netgear Orbi and don’t loose connection.

Just a thought, do you know what is in the wall behind the Rachio? How about around it especially in line with where the wireless router is? Do you have a way to bring a router out near the Rachio for a few hours?

I’m more curious of voltage drops or spikes on that circuit. Have you physically seen the unit power cycle? I’m not sure that you’d know if your Alexa did, as i don’t think they hold that history, and i know nothing about EV chargers.

Don’t have a way to bring a router to my garage. I have insane wifi speed and range with my Netgear Orbi mesh system.

I have not physically seen the unit power cycle. The EV charge will go offline briefly (couple of minutes) every couple of months?

What Tech has told me is that the unit powercycles and then can’t reconnect to wifi.