Personal Weather Station Recommendations

I read about the new WeatherTech Tempest system, and it looks fantastic. But 1) It’s not available right now, 2) I’d like a easily viewed constant weather source, and 3) I’m not yet sure what I would gain.

As I understand it, the Tempest unit can be added to Wunderground weather as a personal weather station (PWS). Looking at Amazon, there seems to be a lot of other PWS units, and they say they can upload data to Wunderground. Some of those have features I’d like. Let’s begin with question 3:

3 - With WeatherTech, or say the best of the PWS units reasonably available, what information from YOUR PWS does Rachio actually use (if set for a specific PWS)? I think I read somewhere it was only rainfall, but I’m not sure. And what information does Rachio use from the network of stations in your area, /instead/ of your selected PWS. Knowing that will tell me how much I’d gain from having my own PWS.

2 - The WeatherTech unit does not have an inside display, although people have apparently bought or cobbled up a display with Pi, but it’s not readable across the room. I want a nice, informative display, like my current cheapie La Crosse has, to see while I’m watching TV or whatever, and know AT LEAST what the outside temperature is, and preferably more. I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars and have to /always/ use my computer or smart phone. When I show my new PWS to a friend and asks what the temperature and humidity are, I don’t want so say I’ll go find out from the Internet, when he with his $15 unit has a color display readily available.

With that in mind, are their other units that will give me both: A nice display as well as a PWS. The AcurRite 01540M appears to be one. Great looking display, says it uploads to weather underground. Would it do the job, that is, provide the available Rachio integration or information? There seem to be a lot of similar items.

Or, if I had the WeatherTech unit or other unit without a display, could I then use a display-only that connects to weather underground to instantly display the results from it, like the AcurRite Wi-Fi Weather Station Display? One that connects to a specific PWS, either mine or a very close one?

You guys know what I’m trying to do: Make best use of the Rachio, while providing good looking weather info from a reliable weather station, possibly with my own PWS, or possibly connected to another one. What are your thoughts and ideas?

Just added: Something I didn’t ask, is there any PWS that connects /directly/ to the Rachio, and is able to give the information I want. Guess that’s another possibility.

Yes, Rachio only uses rain data from PWSs. It uses the nearest NOAA NWS station for evapotranspiration calculations. Ambient Weather has inexpensive systems with displays and reports to various weather services Including Wunderground that Rachio 3 uses (gen 2 uses PWS Weather which is also supported at the Ambient Dashboard too). They’re good enough. For example:

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@Kubisuro has mentioned, Rachio is primary interested in the rain data. As such I’m using an AcuRite 5in1 system (thought not with the display you’ve linked to). A little while ago I’ve recommended a similar model to a fellow gnome, @Linn. 01210M (link), costs about as much as 01540M, but comes with a better display (which has WU support) and a lightning detection.

Primary reason for me liking 5in1 design, is an easy calibration procedure that I use to feel reasonably sure about accuracy of my rain measurements.

5in1Calib.pdf (257.0 KB)

Stay away from La Crosse, I’ve tried their PWS (link) and I’ve yet to hear from others anything positive about their experience.


Thanks, guys, I’ll be looking closer at those and comparing them. Construction looks similar. I like the idea on the AcurRite units on their site that you can get any combination of displays, right now at half price it seems. I don’t care about lightning strikes, but do like the idea of multiple displays around the house. Little confusing which display(s) play well with what. May try chatting with them.

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