Partial App Outage 06.20.2022

We are currently experiencing a partial app outage. Some users may experience slow load times or issues loading the app (blank screen, controllers will not load, other performance issues).

Our Engineering team is currently working to resolve the issue. Please view the status page at for updates.

Update 11:06 PM MT: The issue has been resolved.

Ok, So I had rachio 2 and now I have rachio 3 for at list 2 years. I never until now want to bad talk about the service. I always recommend this controller for it reliability and easy to work. But since last outage and now again i just had it. This entire experience has not been the same since last outage. App was always sluggish and just not the same. Not this again today. System is out when it hot as hell outside. What is going on with your servers rachio. People pay premium price for premium product it has to be up and working 99.99% of the time. Not happy!

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If it’s resolved within 2-3 hours I’ll be okay. Daylong outage will be problematic given the massive heat we got today.

Overall it’s been pretty reliable for me.

Absolutely amazing. I bought this two weeks ago and set aside time to install this tonight, right at this hour.

And it won’t connect to wifi unless I’m five feet from my router. Seriously.

And when I do get it connected I get an error updating firmware.

Then after two hours of fiddling with this I finally Google for issues and find this.

PERFECT timing. Really making a new customer feel welcome, I really hope this isn’t par for the course for things to come.

If I move my unit out to my garage to finish installation and it can’t connect to Wi-Fi then I’ll be sadly going back to RainMachine. I wanted you guys to have a better product, but this is not going well.

Has everyone forgotten how to use the friggin front panel dial???

Hit Fast-Forward >> once and watch white LED. It will advance to a Zone Number. Keep hitting Fast Forward >> until you get to a Zone Number you want. Then press Play / Pause. || / |》

The system will run that zone for you for 3 minutes. Or until you press STOP. ■

If you’ve forgotten zone numbers, well then you should’ve written them down on the Rachio plastic door like everyone else.

Is just sucky timing. Not I’m an apologist or anything but the system has been really stable for me. I didn’t even notice the last app outage and it was resolved well before my schedules was supposed to run.

Does anyone know if case notes are available? Or root cause analysis? Id like to know what the issues are that caused the outage. Mostly for intellectual curiosity (I am in high tech and have had engineering mgt and support responsibilities).

Use the front panel dial. I did
And its fine. Runs for 3mins but you can make it run again if 3 is not long enough. See my description in the reply to ParB

Just use the front panel dial. I did and it works for watering individual zones. See my reply to ParB for instructions

I can’t, it’s never even been set up. I just have flashing LEDs. It never got to the part where it detected zones (aside from the fact that it doesn’t seem to connect to wifi unless I’m within five to ten feet of the router, yet I have Ring cameras twice the distance away from my garage where this unit will be installed, if it works).

Yay for cloud services.

Rachio 3 is decent product. I had mine for 18 months. I think the once or twice a year issues is bareable. Its doesnt affect the schedules they still would work.

Yes, your installation may have to wait until the issue is resolved.

Also, my Rachio is only 45 ft. from the home router. I think if you try to use it more then 100ft away and thru three walls, its going to have issues connecting. I would look into getting some sort of WiFi Repeater (sometimes called WiFi Extender) for the garage. (Cool thing about a wifi repeater would be it extends the house coverage all the way into a deep backyard.:slight_smile: )

Try one of the TP-Link AC1750 Wifi Extender (RE450)

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It’s three walls to the garage, probably a direct 40 foot line-of-site connection. But again, I was having errors in the same room as the router, so my guess is it’s related to the current outage. The timing is just super inconvenient, lol. I’ll probably have to hook up my old smart controller (I stupidly reset it to defaults thinking I would have this one up in no time).
And thanks for the suggestion on the wireless repeater, I actually run my own computer consulting biz, so I have stockpiles of those I install for customers. I’m positive my Rachio is within nominal range; the issues are likely cloud/server based.

I have mine at least 40ft from an ubiquity wifi6 lite AP. And 2 interior walls + one concrete exterior wall. No issue. I did the initial setup there. I tested AP strength with my phone and a wifi scanner app at the location before I selected it. I’m in a neighborhood without much wifi noise or overlapping AP’s.

When I installed I used an iPhone and at that time there was a gotcha with iPhones. I switched to Android and it worked like a charm.

Hope this helps.

Confirming that it is working now.

Nope. Didn’t fix my issues. I was able to connect my device to my internet, it got to Zone 1 and then immediately disconnected.

Reset, nothing. Unplug, nada. Reset wifi, connects, then the app immediately says it’s offline.

Reset app, remove controller, clear cache, clear storage, reset controller back to defaults (holding stop button). Start all over. Same results. I’m fifteen feet from my router, and I’m running over 50 wireless devices, smart appliances, plugs, cameras etc., all without issue. It’s not my router.

Very frustrating. Sending this back tomorrow, con gusto, if I can’t figure this out.

Hi @G00gl3it

I know this is a bad experience and I’m sorry for that. It appears that you are having some networking issues not related to this outage.

I was able to locate your ticket that you sent in through the app that had a network scan attached to it. The scan was done during the outage and will not be accurate. Could you submit another ticket through the app or follow these instructions and DM when you are done?

Edit: It does look like your controller just came online. Can confirm if it is online.

I just submitted new logs. It came online, as long as I’m within 15 feet and one wall away from my router.

My router is in my basement. It’s behind one door, then one set of stairs that lead up directly to the garage entrance, and the controller sits at the end of a 20’ wall, that is actually at a 90° angle that points back towards the front door of my house, which is directly above the room that my router is in. Direct line of site is no more than 30’. No concrete walls and no metal, just vinyl siding.

But I tried taking the controller out to the garage and it will not connect. Not on 5g and not on 2.4ghz. Yet I have a 5ghz camera sitting a further thirty feet away, behind another wall, and it has a great connection to my router.

Not sure what the issue is, but this doesn’t seem normal.

I’m also on Android. I have excellent connection on my phone and two Ring cameras that are further in distance than where the controller sits. Fifteen feet from my router I had an rssi of 77, which seemed really high. But my external Ring camera, which sits outside my house, behind two metal garage doors and up on the eave of my house has a rssi of just 65 (lower being better). Go figure.

I put the controller on the garage wall where my RainMachine connected just fine, and it can see all of my SSIDs, but fails to connect to any of them. 5ghz or 2.4ghz, doesn’t matter.

Cloudfare had a major outage last night. Affected lots of websites. Would guess that this caused the Rachio outage.

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I read the outage report. What a painful error in their router configuration. Bet that they are investing in building a logical consistency checker next…