Partial App Outage 06.20.2022

It’s crazy how much companies like this and AWS literally run the internet. Even if Rachio doesn’t work directly with Cloudfare (I know the servers are with AWS), a plugin for the app or something could have been affected causing the issues.

yeah, its shocking how centralized the internet has become.

My service is down again

Did you do an app update? I think this may have more to do with a bad update than the system not working. There’s already another thread about this

It’s not the updated. My was not updated. Just did and still same problem

So we are leaving for vacation and again theres an outage…no watering can be done …hundreds of dollars of plating done…this is the 3rd time in as many weeks. They say check back in 30 minutes…it’s been 3 hours. This expensive system will be replaced when we return. I will leave reviews on every available website to hopefully prevent others from purchasing this garbage system.

What makes you say no watering can be done? Do you go into the app and manually run each time? If you use schedules, they are still going to run just fine.

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If they app was working that would be a great fix…but the app as long as the entire system was down….no water for hours

Still not making sense. Do you not have schedules set up? Are you manually watering each and every time?